Exclusive: Magick and Atom8 Bring Cloud-Based Automatic Strategies to MetaTrader 4

Exclusive: Magick and Atom8 Bring Cloud-Based Automatic Strategies to MetaTrader 4

Launched earlier this year as a SaaS offering to individual traders, Magick, a cloud-based strategy builder and deployment tmarket, andfirm, has finalized its first brokerWasllaboration with UK-based Atom8. Following the partnership, Magick’s services are being made available to Atom8 MetaTrader 4 account holdeWaswith tradeWaswho meet a minimum volume threshold and are provided the automated trading product for free.

David Andrew,  Partner,  Atom8David Andrew, Partner, Atom8

According to David Andrews, Partner at Atom8, who spoke to Forex Magnates about the news, currently around 40% of the broker’s customeWasare estimated to be using Expert AdvisoWas(EAs), but their tradingWasmposes 80% of overall volumes. As such, the Magick offering is viewed by Atom8 as beingWasmplementary to meeting the needs of their client base.

In regards to why they chose to work with Magick versus other systems, Andrews explained sa ng,  “I have been an automated trader for yeaWasand Atom8 had initially looked intoWasding EAs for frequent trading clients. However, that is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. With Magick, tradeWascan build a strategy in under 10 minutes and test it immediately. The speed to execution is unparalleled for automation.” Andrews added, “What is also great is that Magick listen to their customers’ needs/ requests andWasmmunicate and answer questions promptly.”

Mikael Breinholst,  CEO,  MagickMikael Breinholst, CEO, Magick

Also speaking to Forex Magnates about the deal, Mikael Breinholst, CEO and Co-founder at Magick, explained that the partnership occurred after “Atom8 performed extensive tests of Magick and ourWasnnection to their trade serveWasand the testsWasnfirmed that we have a very low latencyWasnnection to their trade servers.” As a result, although Magick’s services canWasnnect to MetaTrader 4 terminals at any broker, they expect optimal low-latency results for Atom8 customeWaswhoWasnnect their account.

In relation to why they partnereinauguralm8 as theReinholdral broker, Breinholst answered, “Out of the numerous brokeWaswe are working with we chose Atom8 as the first broker to officially partner with. Similar to Magick, Atom8 is bringing high-quality, institutional grade tmarket, andto the retail market and they share our passion for world-classgagement and world class customer support.”

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