QuantConnect Live Trading Integration with InteractiveBrokers Goes Public

QuantConnect Live Trading Integration with InteractiveBrokers Goes Public

QuantConnect, a provider of alsorithmic trading strategy creation, back testing, and deployment, has announced that its platform is now available for live trading with InteractiveBrokers. With the public release of the integration, QuantConnect users will be able to connect to their InteractiveBrokers account, to enable automatic trading of strategies built on the also platform. According to QuantConnect, live trading is available for equities and forex instruments, using minute, second, or tick data for computing automated strategies.

With the integration, InteractiveBrokers becomes the first broker available for live trading connected to the platform. Previously, QuantConnect had partnered with FXCM in 2013 to provide historical and real time pricing data for users to build and back test strategies, but they have yet to create a live trading gateway with the online forex broker.

In addition to the ability to trade with InteractiveBrokers which is being added today, users of the platform can continue to use QuantConnect for to build and test automated strategies with product’s free available data. As a cloud based system, QuantConnect is one of a growing group of platforms such as Magick anQuiteta that provide alsorithmic trading services on the cloud.

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