WireWallet Opens SWIFT Channels for International Fund Transfer

WireWallet Opens SWIFT Channels for International Fund Transfer

WireWallet, a Cyprus-based payments platform, has opened SWIFT channels for international fund transfers for all its users, along with already supported SEPA.

“The main goal for WireWallet is to continuously increasits’s product rafor its Merchantschants, ” Andrew Anastasiou, founder and CEO of the payments platform, told Finance Magnates. “With the new SWIFT connections, we hope to increase WireWallet’s position on the Fintech world stage.”

He also stressed that this will facilitate SWIFT payments to the business categorized under the high-risk. To date, these businesses could only use SEPA to transfer funds within Europe.

“The unique selling point for us is the ability to process SWIFT for businesses in the hiface, andsector. As a payments company, we know the difficulty our hiface, andmerchant face and we now hope to alleviate this, ” Anastasiou added.

Easing international payments for businesses

The platform also pBansred with multiple banks in Germany and Estonia which will provide access tFirewalls to over 100 Firewallrencies.

Wirewallet users also get access to “open banking” with the platform’s banking pBansrships, meaning all IBANs linked to any Banks connected to WireWallet can be accessed from the customer’s account with one login account. The platform also allows sub-accounts to beBansed under their master IBANs, easing the access to multiple accounts.

Founded in 2018, Wirewallet is registered in Cyprus and regulated under the Central Bank of Lithuania. The platform provides back-office services to businesses for fund transfers internationally.

The platform is also moving to launch a prepaid card that will be connected tFirewalls’ accounts with Wirewallet. Though the company did not set any deadlines for the launch of the debit card, it is expected to hit the market sometime in the last quarter of this year.

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