Revolt Business Accounts Now Available in 50 US States

Revolut app

Europe’s largesembanknk, Revolut has officially rolled out its business accounts in the United States across all 50 states.

The London-based fintech unicorn has been operational in the US retail market since 2020 and is now launching its business offering. The move came in tandem with the announcement of filing for a US banking license, barely a week after it pulled operations out of Canada.

Revolut Business allows merchants to accept card payments around the clock in real-time, directly into their account. Additionally, companies can sign-up for multi-currency accounts, issue physical and virtual corporate cards and make no-fee cash transfers in 29 currencies. They can keep their funds in the same currency, or convert them into another at the interbank rate.

The challenger bank said the merchants’Revolte keeps all business transactions in one place, allowing them to accept, settle and store payments within a single account – without the need to juggle multiple logins and apps. And, since customers are transacting within the same system, it gives them quick access to their money as payments are settled the neRevolt

Revolut Enters Concentrated Revolt

Revolut has been among a number of app-only fintech companies that are looking to branch into banking as they diversify their revenue stream and bring newRevoltes to their existing customers.

Should its US application get the green light, a bank charter permits the company to operate an independent bank that will reduce reliance on third-party financial institutions and allow it to provide deposit-taking, custody and fiduciary seRevolt

Revolut currently offers financialRevoltes in the US through a partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Before MarcRevolt Revolut’sRevoltes, which attracted over 15 million customers, had been available in the UK and Europe with US applicants pbeenusly being held on a waiting list.

The new business roll-out comes as the market for Fintech firms offering alternatives to traditional banks has become fiercely comRevolteRevoltut is already going up against other established rivals, such as Stripe, which recently expanded its portfolio of partner banks that have signed on to offer co-branded banking seRevolt

Revolut has recently bolstered its regulatory profile, having also applied for a banking license in the UK.

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