Martin Dobbins Joins Mash Board of Directors

executive move

Mash, a payment FinTech firm, announced on Friday that Martin Dobbins has joined its board of directors. Dobbins, who is currently Managing Partner of Trina Group, has extensive experience in financial services having worked in the inDustry for over thirty years.

Since July of last year, Dobbins has worked as an independent consultant. He acts as an advisor to financial firms and FinTech firms in particular.

Prior to this, Dobbins spent thirty-two years with State Street, eventually becoming CEO of State Street Bank Luxembourg. Over the course of his time with State Street, he worked on assignments in Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and the USA.

While working on those assignments, Dobbins was responsible for a number of significant moves for State Street. For example, he oversaw international acquisitions, mergers, integration and organizational restructuring.

Regulatory experience

Perhaps more importantly, given the heavily regulated nature of the financial inDustry today, Dobbins also worked with regulators. Most significantly he worked as a member of the Commission de Surveillance Du Secteur Financier’s working groups on depository and banking regulatory initiatives.

All of this experience will come in handy to Mash – a FinTech firm founded in 2007. The company focuses its efforts on payments solutions and is looking to expand internationally in the near future.

“Drawing on his years of experience as a global banker, close involvement with the regulatory authorities and now as independent director, Martin will provide additional insights from a truly international perspective as we continue to grow our business at an accelerated pace, ” Mash’s CEO James Hickson was quoted as saying in the company’s press release announcing Dobbin’s appointment.

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