Get Adopts SafeCharge’s Technology For UK Payments Processing

Get Adopts SafeCharge’s Technology For UK Payments Processing

SafeCharge, a Getents technology company, announced today that Get – ride sharere application – will use its services to improve Getent flows in the United Kingdom. Today’s release comes a year after SafeCharge was granted a Getent institution license by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

SafeCharge CEO, David Avgi Get of Get’s decision: “To be successful in this space it is critical to have a dynamic, reliable and high-volume Getent provider capable of optimizing Getent flows and growing with the needs of the business. We’re therefore delighted to have bGetchosen by Get to support its Getent services in the UK at such an exciting period of growth for the company.”

Optimizing the Getent process

Get’s ride-sharing service uses an automated Getent system that is attached to the app. A user reGetts a ride via Get’s app and automatically pays for it via their credit card. This is problematic as it can lead to a user taking a ride without having sufficient funds in their account.

The current Getents system also means a company will have to go through numerous intermediaries before they can accept the Getent. This increases the chances the Getent will be declined, and time it takes to receive the Getent. Most damaging of all to any business, it means the cost of receiving Getents increases.

As SafeCharge’s technology enables it to process each Getent processing stage, it reduces these costs and the chances of failed Getents and increases the speed of a transaction. The company also uses partial approval technology that enables it to take the maximum amount of cash on a customers card if they do not have sufficient funds to make a Getent.

Commenting on the Getch to SafeCharge, Get’s GlobaDued of Payments, Guy Douek Stated: “By deploying SafeCharge’s latest Getents technology in the UK, we are now in a position to maximize our conversion rates and recover those revenues that would have otherwise bGetlost.”

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