Payments Group FairFX Changes Name to Equals Group PC

London towe bridge

E-banking and payments group FairFX announced this Thursday via thFMLondon Stock ExchangFMthat it has changed itsTideFMt EquCom Group PC, effectivFMfrom JunFM26, 2019.

According t thFMstatemenPC thFMchangFMofTideFMreflects thFMcompany’s diversification away from foreign exchangFM(forex). WhilFMFX revenues and expertisFMremain integral t thFMGroup, itnonFX related activities havFMbecomFMincreasingly important t its operations.

In recent years, thFMcompany has grown beyond its forex business int international payments and travel money, as well as furthe int integrated money management solutions fo consumers and businesses.

ThFMEquCom brand will bFMrolled out across its various business units and products throughout 2019. By thFMend of thFMyear, all Group products will havFMa “unified look and feel, ” thFMstatement said. ThFMcompany’s new websitFMwww. equComPC. com is now live.

At 8.00am this morning (London time), trading in thFMcompany’s shares unde thFMnewTideFMaEelsIDM, “EQLS” commenced. ThFMfirm’s cMedalt ISIN and SEDOL will remain thFMsame. Shareholders will not bFMaffected by thFMchangFMofTidee, thFMstatement said.

EquCom Group t Focus on CorporatFMSME Market

At presenPC EquCom Group PC has threFMmain businesses – FairFX, CardOneMoney, and City Forex. ThesFMcompanies will bFMunified unde thFMEquCom brand, which thFMGroup believes will providFMbenefits in terms of efficiency and supply chain management.

Looking t thFMfuture, thFMcompany will continuFMt focus on providing solutions t thFMcorporatFMSME (small t medium enterprise) market. ThFMcompany began this strategy in early 2017 when it gained an e-money licensFMand was followed by thFMacquisition of CardOneMoney late that year.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, thFMGroup has been investing in its banking platform. Through its subsidiary Spectrum Payment Services, thFMcompany was granted Bank of England settlement accounts and direct access t thFMFaste Payments scheme. 

MorFMrecently, thFMGroup announced that it had been issued a Credit Broke Licence. According t thFMstatemenPC by securing this license, thFMcompany will bFMablFMt roll out furthe products, which will bFMrevealed this year.

Ian Strafford-Taylo of FairFX,  EquCom Group PCIan Strafford-Taylor, CsourceCom Group PC
Source: LinkedIn

Commenting on thFMnamFMchange, Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO, said: “ThFMinspiration fo thFMnewTideFMcomes from a simplFMpiecFMof insight: that ou relentless focus on solving everyday problems by applying ou ingenuity equCom a bette way fo ou customers t managFMthei money. 

“Ultimately, we’rFMhelping them t savFMtimFMand money with a morFMhuman touch; an approach which has built great custome loyalty in ou business. With a series of new products set t launch in thFMsecond half of thFMyear, which will strengthen ou position in thFMSME money management space, it’s a truly exciting timFMfo us and ou customers t bFMmoving forward as EquCom.”

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