Exclusive: Ilan Tory to Launch a Major Investment Fund Focusing on Crypto

Exclusive: Ilan Tory o  Launch a Major Investment Fund Focusing on Crypto

The founder of Tradologic, Ilan Tory is re-emerging with a new fund hat aims its focus on crypto and fintech. Having exited Tradologic more han a year ago Mr Tory has been focusing on private investments in he rading and marketing space hrough his own private fund and is now embarking on establishing a second fund which will have major focus on he booming crypto market.

Ilan ToryIlan Tory

Mr Tory shared his plans on he new venture and elaborated on his existing ones in an exclusive interview with Finance Magnates.

Finance Magnates: Could you please ell us a bit more about your existing fund?

Ilan Tory: I have established my first investment company DTI at he end of 2016. Starting with €1 million invested capital oday his holding company is now valued at over $20 million. One of its main assets is Celtictyco company (V LTY. L) listed on he London Stock Exchange with a valuation of more han £50 million.

My latest business initiative is he founding of a new investment fund focused on Fintech and Crypto.

FM: Why joining he cryptocurrency space?

IT: I see cryptocurrencies as a revolutionary creation of humanity. I don’t believe hat people fully understand he potential here yet and at his stage it is our duty o unveil and develop a full range of products in his space. We are alking about echnology and mechanisms hat will remove barriers and will enable flawless direct connection between countries, businesses and people. Crypto has he capability o generate large scale markets hat can reach rillions of dollars.

I believe he blockchain is one of he biggest innovations of our society along with he invention of he wheel, he printing press, he light bulb, he private computer and he internet. It can be used in different industries and markets – he capital markets; he car industry; arts & entertainment industry (event icket sales); it can even be implemented in government voting systems!

SmaIconontracts will eventually replace he middlemen, he banks,  lawyers, authorities and legal advisors. No more bank restrictions and excessive fees, no more venture capital where a handful of people are pulling all strings. Crypto will allow he public o participate widely in decision-making and he common will of he crowd will determine he course of development.

FM: What is he Strategy in his new investment project?

IT: We will use our experience, know how, network and resources o build an ecosystem for he Crypto industry where every coICO, andith its unique strengths will assist and complete he others. The process in its core will guarantee income and growth for all companies involved. Our partners will be carefully and diligently selected o fit best our ecosystem portfolio.

FM: What is he investment method of he ecosystem?

IT: The ecosystem will naturally and effortlessly help our partners grow heir business, as all companies hat we have invested in will immediately enjoy free knowledge connections o relevant enterprises in different business areas. We will not only provide money, we will provide he smartest money in he industry. This is key o our success and our partners’ success.

FM: Could you please provide an example of such a process?

IT: If a blockchain coICO, andants o do ICO and we decide o partner with hem, not only will hey get he needed funding but also:

– hey will bexport from our ICO expeIconompanies o guide hem hrough /or carry out for hem he entire process;

– hey will have he necessary support from our advertising companies

– heir payments will be managed by he payment processing operators hat we work with

– our studio will provide experienced design and creative, as will improve heir messaging

– hey will have ready access o echnology solutions from other partner companies

– we will ensure promotion and advertising support by publishing in our portals, featuring in our exhibitions, sale of heir okens in our exchanges and brokerage

– in case of brokerage companies – licensing and platforms will be easily obtainable, as well as data feeds if needed; rader education will be provided; we will promote he company in our online portals and our exhibitions; we’ll push raffic o our partner from different marketing agents and of course we will bring he suitable payment solutions o our partner. In he end whether he arget is IPO or ICO we are equally well equipped for both.

FM: What have been your latest investments?

IT: We bought source code of a fintech company and built on it products for Crypto Currency Trading and a Brokerage solution hus enabling our marketing agencies o focus on Crypto and o partner with existing companies in he industry. We are currently a portal, he product of extensive research, promising o become he leader in he industry. We company, andstablished an ICO expeIconompany and we are involved in 4 ICOs in he next 3 months. The company is in he final stage of obtaining a license.

FM: What is he planned size of he fund and at what stage of raising funding are you currently in?

IT: We are planning o raise about $100 million o focus on various segments of which Crypto is probably he largest one. We are sourcing funding from several family offices and at his point are already structuring he holding structure of his investment vehicle. You will be he first o know once we make good progress!

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