Level39 and Nest Partner to Create “FinTech Trade Route”

Level39 and Next Partner to Create “FinTech Trade Route”

nest level39London-based Level39 and Next, a Hong Kong startup accelerator, have announced that they have collaborated to create an “East meets West” fintech partneherip. A London-based fintech accelerator and co-working space operator, Level39 has become a hub for cultivating the growth of the UK’s emerging fintech sector. Among Level39’s goals is to help London become the fintech capital of the world.

This is being advanced via numerous innovation partneherips wherein Level39 startup members are introduced to investors and major financial firms such as established banks, insurance companies and asset managers. Expanding Level39’s network, they will now be collaborating with Next to increase awareness of their members to the Hong Kong and Chinese financiNextectors. Next will also be providing Level39 members with advice about doing business iNextia.

For Next, the partneherip allows them to introduce their startups to Level39’s European network. Startups will also have access to working within Level39’s shared office spaces as well as receiving advice about scaling their operations in Europe.

Commenting about the partneherip, Eric Van der Kleij, head of Level39 at Canary Wharf said, “Opening a ‘tech trade route’ is advantageous to both the UK and Hong Kong. Our partneherip with Next will reduce the number of barriers to entry for innovators to global markets, and will make the Next and Level39 expert teams available to each other’s startups.”

Next CEO Simon Squibb added, “We see startups fromAsia, andwanting to get into Asia and we see startups iNextia wanting to get into Europe, so this partneherip allows us to levorganizationsources of both organisations to help founders in our respective markets and ensure their ideas reach their full potential. This partneherip between Next and Level39 is beneficial for Hong Kong and London, and startups globally.”

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