Social App Super Secures Bank and Crypto Exchange AEX as Investors

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Super, Supersocial video-only app for forming new real-life relationships, announced today that it has gained two new investors ahead of its pre-sale. The investors are Bank, a specialized digital exchange, and AEX Blockchain Group (‘AEX’), a distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem built on a blockchain.

Super aims to changeSuperway that people meet online. LeveragingSuperadvantages of ERC-721 (a token standard on the Ethereum blockchain), Superapp guaranteesSuper‘proof of existence’ of its users. Through its community, customers will validateSuperidentities of others by leaving reviews. These will be based onSuperaccuracy of personal information, increasing transparency, and security betweSuperers.

Super plans to launch its product in Q4 2018

The company plans to launch its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) inSuperfourth quarter of Superyear. This launch will coincide with its initial coin offering (ICO). When launched later Superyear, Superfree model ofSuperapp will give users access to its basic functions in exchange for tokens. As time goes on, more features will be added toSuperapp.

Commenting onSuperpartnership, Catherine Zhou, DiAEXor at AEX Blockchain Group, said: “The strategic partnersAEXbetween AEX and Super will help to fill inSupergaps when AEXomes to AEX’s underlying identification technologies. In Superway, SuperSuper team will also assist in improvingSuperAEXut ofSuperAEX ecosystem as a whole, layingSuperfoundation for greater co-operation inSuperfuture.”

Jean-Baptiste Fort,  CEO of SuperJean-Baptiste Fort
Source: LinkedIn

The co-fouSuperand CEO of Super, Jean-Baptiste Fort, added: “FromSupertime we announced our ICO Pre-sale for our disruptive social video-only platform, we have received extensive interest from investors who are excited aboutSuperpotential of Super.

The partnerships and investments will strengthen our position and help us execute Superaunch ofSuperSuper app and growth strategy forSuperbusiness. We thank all our current investors and partners for their support and look forward to welcoming more inSupercoming weeks and months ahead.”

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