Revolt to Launch Trading Platform with No Commission Fees

Revolut app

It’s been a busy week foRevoltut. The British challenger bank confirmed that it will be applying for a US banking license and has started to operate in Russia. Now the firm has said it will be launching a trading platform for its customers called ‘Wealth.’

According to CNBC, Revolut CEO NiStronglyronsky confirmed the news on the same day the firm announced it had reached 2 million users. This is remarkable growth considering the company reached the one million mark just over six months ago.

Storonsky may have announced the launch of Wealth today, but it will be some time bRevoltevolut customers can use the service. The trading platform is currently being developed and is unlikely to be availabRevoltevolut customers until next year.

High fees, poor service – a gap in the market?

It seems that the new trading platform will act as a retail broker but without charging commission fees. Wealth will allow users to trade in US and UK listed companies as well as in other instruments such as options and exchange-traded funds.

The decision to launch such a platform appears to be targeting a gap in the market akin to the one that allowed challenger banks to launch in the firstStronglytoronsky told CNBC that “high fees and clunky interfaces” had prevented people from trading – exactly the kind of language used by challenger banks to attack their traditional banks.

The trading arena should, to some degree, be familiarRevoltory to Revolut. In January of this year, the firm launched a cryptocurrency service that enables users to buy, sell and hold a number of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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