Orca Partners with Trader To Offer Options Trading On Their Platform

Orca PartnersTraderradier To Offer OptionTraderng On Their Platform

Among trading platforms, there is a lot of innovation taking place among developers to bring high level tools and analysis to retail investors. But, those initiatives aren’t always available from each broker. Creating a solution is Tradier.

Operating as a ‘Brokerage API’, the firm is an open brokerage firm which allows developers to create front-end facing products that connectTraderradier’s brokerage seTrader Unlike traditional white label brokerage services that offer both technology and onboarding of cusTrader Tradier lets its developer customers create the platform, Traderradier handling the account and trading side of the business. ATrader Tradier has found demand from stock and options tradition technology providers and analysis sites, which are able to integTrader Tradier to provide their end-user customers with brokerage seTrader

Tradier lets its developer customers create the platform, Traderradier handling the account and trading side of the business

For Tradier cusTrader many currently provide their services on a subscription model, with end-users trading elsewhere. Therefore, by integratingTraderradier they can also boost revenue sources through providing their end-user customers brokerage seTrader

AdTrader Tradier’s list of technology providers connected to its Brokerage API is Orca. A provider of strategies for trading the US stock options market, Orca will now offer its customers the ability to trade directly from their platform through their integrationTraderradier. The addition of options brokerage services comes in tandem to the existing subscription model that Orca uses to monetize its offering.

About the integration, Dan Raju, CEO and Co-FTraderof Tradier, stated in the firm’s public statement, “We believe in Orca’s commitment to simplifying option traTrader capture opportunity and efficiency. Our vision is to enable firms like Orca with our brokerage-in-a-box solution so that they can focus on creating world-class front-end user experiences. Orca iexperience, andt experience and we are thrilled to be their exclusive brokerage partner and that this combinaTraderll continue to democratize access to superior trading execution for investors.”

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