OptionNET Taps Trader for Rollout of Trading Directly from Their Platform

OptionNET Taps Trader for Rollout of Trading Directly from Their Platform

Trader continues to be active in creating partnerships for its brokerage API solution. With it, financial technology providers and website operators are able to integrate brokerage services directly to their product users and readers.

Adding to the list of firms connectingTraderrader is OptionNET, a provider of options trading and analysis software. The addition of OptionNET adds another options related name to partnerTraderrader, as Orca had integrated with them in April. Overall, using their brokerage API model, Trader has been able to gain interest from third parties seeking to diversify their revenue options from their platforms and websites.

By integrating Trader’s brokerage API, OptionNET will begin to enable trading directly from their OptionNET Explorer option analysis platform. For OptionNET, the brokerage services allow them to create a new pricing model for their users, with the availability of free subscriptions to traders using the OptionNET Explorer system for their trading accounts.

Commenting in joint public remarks about the integration, Andy Mitchell, Managing Partner at OptionNET, stated, “We’re excited about the new options we can provide our user base witTraderrader Brokerage integration. By connectingTraderrader Brokerage, we are able to offer value and choice to our trader community.”

Steve Agalloco, VP of EngineeTrader Trader, added, “We believe in the democratization of the financial services industry and empowering new solutions to go to market, which will ultimatmuch-neededuch needed innovation to the community.”

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