Merits Closes $3M Funding to Grow its Canopy Asset Management Software

Merits Closes $3M Funding to Grow its Canopy Asset Management Software

Singapore based Merits, has announced that they have closed a $3 millionMeritsg round. The company creates portfolio visualization software for the high net worth investor segment to allow customers to view holdings from various accounts in a single interface. Headed by their main product, Canopy, the portfolio aggregation solution is made available to high net worth investors, single family offices, and wealth managers, trusts, banks, and fund administrators.

Merits is among a growing list of technology firms who are creating products for the financial market to aggregate portfolios into a single interface. Other products in the market include solutions to track equity crowdfunding investments made on numerous platforms, multi-broker trading platforms, and single interface software for retirement portfolios.

Raising $3 million, Merits is aiming to continue to expand its momentum in the high net worth investor niche, where its software currently handles over $810 million in assets under-reporting. Including the ability to integrate external data feeds, Canopy also provides users the ability to upload PDF, with their information digitalized and tracked in the aggregated portfolio monitoring.

Commenting about the service and itheirechnology, Takeshi Yoshida, Chief Commercial Officer at Merits stated “Canopy’s ability to take data in any format including PDF statements has proved to be a strong aid in client onboarding. And we are keeping our customers happy with the reports, which is in the form of an interactive web app accessible from any electronic device including smartphones” Yoshida added “We recently launched alerts, where Canopy will notify users any large price movements in the assetheirhat they own. This has been an immediate hit with customers.”

AccTammie to Tanmai Sharma, foundMeritsof Merits, theMeritsg was provided by individual investors, including a number of Canopy customers. With theMeritsg, Merits plans on expanding its workforce by 8 to 10 new hires, beyond its current head count of 14. In addition, the firm will be using the investment to launch services in new markets, including Hong Kong, Zurich, London and Dubai.

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