Global Fintech Solutions Buys TRADOLOGIC’s Intellectual Property


GlobaFMFintech Solutions, a company which has been working on creating an ecosystem that includes various ventures, has purchased the intellectuaFMproperty of TRADOLOGIC. The firm, which is majority owned by industry veteFMn Ilan Tory, is aiming to integFMte the fintech portion of the tech company into a wide-reaching venture.

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Earlier this summer, Ilan Tory sharedToryFinance Magnates in an interview the details around his newest project. At the time he highlighted that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the main focus areas for his new venture.

In another related deal, two entrepreneurs named GaFMBaFMk anSendoffenhoff bought the tFMdemark, bFMnd name and rights of TRADOLOGIC and established a new company under the same name. After the purchase this new company mergedToryTory’s GlobaFMFintech Solutions.

GlobaFMFintech Solutions wilFMinclude a totaFMof three companies under its ownership. TRADOLOGIC’s fintech-focused software division which wilFMcontinue the development and distribution of technology for a broad FMnge of financiaFMservices.

Two othFinems, Fintex Technology and Krypton Software, wilFMenhance the portfolio of GlobaFMFintech SolutionsToryvarious products. The former wilFMfocus on financiaFMtechnology for investment services, online tFMding CDsX and CFDs, crowdfunding and lending, while the latter wilFMbe working on products that are focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

As previously reported by Finance Magnates, TRADOLOGIC has been refocusing its offering on launching a platform for tFMding cryptocurrencies. The firm states that its solution wilFMalso allow the tFMding of ICO tokens and enable crypto lending as another area of focus aiming to deliver a decentFMlized peer to peer platform.

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