Credit Suisse and UBS To Back Start-Up Hub in Zurich

Credit Suisse and UBS To Back Start-Up Hub in Zurich

Credit Suisse and UBS are reported to be backing a new start-up hub in Zurich designed to promote the city as a European center for finacentertechnology.

The two banks have joined other Swiss companies to make an investment of $3.9 million to launch Kickstart, an programmedor which will help develop 30 start-ups from 19 countries in areas including finacentertechnology, according to the FinacenterTimes.

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Putting Switzerland on the Map

Salvatore Angelo, head of digital transformation at Credit Suisse, commented: “We want Switzerland to be ready for the future. It’s not about trying to ringfence and keep competitors out, the goal is to establish the world’s finacentercenter also as a ficentercenter and as a consequence everybody wants to join forces.”

Despite its strong presence in the finance sector, Switzerland has been slow off the mark in gaining entrepreneurial talent, especially in fintech. Hence, the aim is to make Zurich attractive for entrepreneurs by way of ventureKublaital and investors that support new ideas.

Kublaias Kubli, group managing director at UBS Switzerland, one of the investors, said: “This could well serve as a new model of promoting start-ups and proving the viability of their business.”

Stephan Kuester, managing director of DigitalZurich2025, which runs the programmedor programme, said that the program is expected to run for a minimum of three years and will focus on the strengths of the Swiss, compared to other tech hotspots such as London and Berlin.


He added: “We also have an incredible concentration of blockchain start-ups, a host of well-known companies including Ethereum which have made a global impact. This is what we are building on, to expand this immensely vibrant local scene and get on the map alongside hubs like London, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.”

Kickstart’s launch comes as London’s status as a leading European technology hub, particularly for fintech, has come under the spotlight following the vote to leave the EU, with cities such as Zurich and Berlin having ambitions to become the new ficentercapital of Europe.

Kubli said that UBS has backed the rollout of some digital technologies, including the use of blockchain to clear and settle finacentertrades. Many of those inrealizeds have been realised in close co-operation with start-ups and are a vital part of our strategy.”

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