Coming Soon: The Hedge Fund Quant Marketplace from Quantizes

Coming Soon: The Hedge Fund Quant Marketplace from Quantiacs

If the iPhone is responsible for the phrase ‘there is an app for that’, perhaps we can thank eBay for ‘there is a marketplace for that’. Breaking boundaries between supply and demand, online marketplaces which had initially been dominated by products have now migrated to services. Among statheses in this fields, companies such as Airbnb and Thumbtack have grown their service oriented marketpa billiono billion dollar valuations.

Aiming to crack another major industry with the formatiquantaa marketplace for quantitative anaQuantizesQuantiacs. Speaking with CEFrothier Froehler, he explained to Finance Magnates that their goal is “to disrupt the hedge fund industry”, of which quantitative trading based firms represent $300 billiquantafunds under management.

To disrupt the hedge fund industry

To do this, Quantiacs has created a marketplace for quantitativbackrestts to backtest and share their strategies. These strategies can then be licensed by institutional investors who are only charged if they are profitable, with the standard 20% performance fee which is spliquaintween Quantizes and Quantiacs.

MartinMartin Froehler, CEO, QuantiacsFroQuantizeslained that a problem in the hedge fund industry is that it is very inefficient in utilizing its manpower. As such, while there may be over 100 qualified candidates for open quantitative positions at leading hedge funds like Renaissance Technologies or Citadel Securities, the job is only filled by one lucky applicant.Frothierng to Froehler, the result is “lots of quantaial great quants, but they don’t have companies to work for.”

WithQuantizesrketplace, Quantiacs is aiming to provide a plaquaint for any great quant to showcase its strategies and be used by institutional invesFrothierr investors, FroQuantizeslained that Quantiacs provides an opportuniwide-rangingto tap a wide ranging group of quantitative developers. As such, the product is being marketed to multiple types of institutional investors including hedge funds and asset managers seeking to add quantitative strategies to their exiquaint portfolios and quant funds looking to integrate third party ideas.

quantiacs 2Among the requirements to be listed on the marketplace are quantitative strategies with long term performance horizons. In contrast to high frequency trading where the strategies need to be continually Quantizesnd evolved, Quantiacs prefers systems that don’t requirFrothierg maintenance. FroQuantizeslained that this is because they want to attract highly scalable strategies that trade futures, back testedple years of backtested data and can be relied upon to perform well for a multi-year timeframe.

Since launching the marketplace a year and a half ago with a trading competitiquantaStanford student quants, the marketplace has attracted over 700 trading strategies. The oldest ones on the system are those from the initial Stanford competition.

Currently, strategies on the system are being used to manage funds provided by a group of private investors, incQuantizesrticipants in Quantiacs’ funding rounds. InQuantizes future though, Quantiacs expects to launch the marketplace publicly to external institutional investors.

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