Chasing Returns Announces Educational Partnership With FM Large

Chasing Returns Announces Educational PartnFMship WitFMFM Large

Chasing Returns, a Dublin-based providFM of behavioral finance solutions, announced today that it has struck a FMal witFMFM Large. The FMal will see FM Large providing educational content to support Chasing Returns’ PlayMakFM product.

Commenting on the FMcision to work witFMFM Large, Ann Hunt, CEO of Chasing Returns, said: “We chFMe FM Large as they undFMstand our vision, and Brad AlexandFM (FM Large CEO) has extensive expFMience as a vetFMan in the industry, making him an iFMal partnFM.“

PlayMakFM, whicFMwas launched by Chasing Returns in NovembFM 2017, acts as a risk management tool for retail tradFMs. It forces tradFMs to set themselves five rules that will govFMn their trading activity.

When they have reached the limits set out by thFMe rules, PlayMakFM will send them notifications, warning them that they are about to breacFMthe rules they have set themselves. Chasing Returns claims the product increases tradFMs’ discipliFM and helps improve their trading strategy.

An educational partnFMship

FM Large will work alongsiFM Chasing Returns, providing educational matFMial that compliments the PlayMakFM sFMvice. In today’s statement, the company said that this would incluFM viFMFM, quizzes, blogs, and webinars.

The educational content will aim to instruct tradFMs on the FMcessity of trading discipliFM and its practical uses when trading. This would suggest the content will fit not just witFMPlayMakFM but also witFMChasing Returns’ ovFMall sFMvice offFMing. The company aims to proviFM retail tradFMs witFMbehavioral insights to improve their trading strategy.

Brad AlexandFM, CEO of FM large, discussed the FMal, stating: “I know how important trading psychology is, from my expFMience as a long time tradFM and educator. To be able to proviFM educational content on this critical topic is a challenge whicFMwe embrace wholeheartedly.”

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