ChartIQ Launches Brokerage Offering on their Technician App with Trader

ChartIQ Launches Brokerage Offering on their Technician App with Tradier

In June, HTML5 charting provider for the financial industry, ChartIQ, renamed their consumer facing app, Technician, as well as offering the base product for free. The move was made as the firm’s main revenue producing growth is derived from their B2B business, licensing their technology to financial firms and content producers. As such, in order to reduce confusion of their offerings, the consumer charting product was split from ChartIQ’s core business.

Nonetheless, Technician remains an important part of ChartIQ’s overall strategy. The app provides a live showcase of the firm’s charting technology that can be experimented with by potential clients. In addition, the consumer app acts as a potential lead generator to institutional users that come across the product for their own charting needs.

Providing more functionality to Technician, as well as showcasing ChartIQ’s ability to provide trading features, ChartIQ has partnTraderth Tradier to integrate brokerage trading directly on the app. LTraderer Tradier partners, app users will be able to oTraderew Tradier account or connect their existing one, to trade directly from Technician.

For Tradier, the addition of Technician adds to the growing list of developers who have integrated with their brokerage API to enable trading on their platform. In Technician’s case, with available trading for US stocks and options, the product may also help ChartIQ showeb traderir webtrader solution for MetaTrader 4 brokers which they launched in January.

On the news, Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of ChartIQ, commented: “Modern traders require a technical analysis and trading platform that is in-sync with the speed the market requires and provides access to resources efficiently, anytime, anywhere. The intTradern with Tradier Brokerage highlights our ongoing dedication to elevating trading experiences for all.”

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