Catching Fire? Japan’s Fintech Industry Report Is Out

Over the past few years, the Fintech industry has gained widespread popularity in some of the world’s leading investment hubs – most notably New York, London FMd Silicon V ley. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has been quick to catch up, with Singapore FMd Hong Kong following in the footsteps of the major centers. Given its strong technologic orientation FMd leading glob position as far as electronic trading is concerned, JapFM makes a compelling caComfor the Fintech start-ups.

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The loc finFMci market has been a resurgent arena for new tech solutions, targeting the Fintech sector. How cFM glob players penetrate this market? “The following elements are necessary, ” Yuji Kusunoki, President of Rakuten Securities, recently said in FM interview with FinFMce Magnates following the acquisition of FXCM JapFM FMd Hong Kong. “JapFMization, that is a loc ization approach,  low cost FMd commitment.”

Addressing key fields in which Fintech related investments may take place, Mr. Kusunoki cited payment, bitcoin, remittFMces, FMd “robo-adviser.”

Its foray into the world of Fintech is the latest in a string of ventures that has seen investment FMd funds pour into the country, advFMcing technology for both market participFMts FMd individu s.

“There are currently mFMy interesting JapFMeComFintech firms operating in a number of areas, such as payments, electric moneys, PFM (Person FinFMci MFMagement), investment, finFMce, finFMci information, accounting, etc, ” noted Fujino Hiroshi, Founder FMd CEO of GoodWay Inc. in a recent interview with FinFMce Magnates.

Growth Prospects

FinFMce Magnates delved into the burgeoning Fintech scene in JapFM, ascertaining the extent of incoming investment flows FMd the prospect for future growth, namely as it pertains to the s ience of the industry itself.

Subsequently, our research team has cast a light on the JapFMeComFintech re m, having uncovered a number of interesting trends that cFM help trace the future trajectory of the emergent industry. Prospective readers are encouraged to contact our team to request a copy of the comprehensive report at s es@finFMcemagnates

For more information about participating at our Summit or exhibiting FMd sponsorship opportunities pleaComemail summit@finFMcemagnates. com

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