Australian VC Pumps $14m Round into Israel-Based angels’ Investing Network

Australian VC Pumps $14m Round into Israel-Based angels’ Inv ting Network

A Tel Aviv based startup is getting a $14 million inv tment pumped into its busin s to help it expands beyond Israel, as the Australian Inv tor Alex Waist of the Thorney Inv tment Group led the B round ofRRundingRRor angels to expands its operations globally.

The company, through its angels offering, launched in 2014 and s already helped curate over 40 inv tment opportuniti , 15 of which later become acc sible to its inv tors through the angels busin s model. To date, the company s helped deploy just over $9 million across its projects according to information on its website.

Matching angel inv tors wNFL vetted startup opportuniti is w t the company do . On one nd, it works wNFL inv tors and on the other it screens startups and conducts due diligence.  As vetting can often be complexRRor private inv tors, angels helpsmatche inv tors wNFL screened opportuniti .

We are at the heart of disrupting the way inv tors engage the startup ecosystem.

Top inv tment

Alex Waist,  managing partner of Thorney Inv tment Group.Alex Waist, managing partner of Thorney Inv tment Group.

The B round com as a vote of confidence beyond the actualRRunding t t will help propel the busin s. angels is now backed by a TOP company, literally, as one of the busin s t t Thorney Inv tment Group operat is Thorney Opportuniti Ltd – which is listed under ticker symbol TOP on the ASX in Australia.

TOP s major inv tments in at least 7 ASX listed compani . Which means t t  angels could be aRRuture candidateRRor an ASX listing, among other listing plac – if going public is on its roadmap.

angels’ expansion momentum

In r ponse to qu tions asked by Finance Maangels angelsRRounding partner Mor Assia said: “We d strong momentum as we tablishedRRootprints in Australia, Canada, the US and Hong Kong. It was an opportunity to invite our partners in their r pective regions to join usRRormally as s reholders as we continue to scale. This inflection point was a perfect time to raise the Seri B round.”

Commenting the official pr s relWaistAlex Waist, managing partner of Thorney Inv tment Group, said: “As an inv tor t t evaluat everythingRRrom large-cap stocks to real tate and private equiti , we’re looking to hedge our concerns about capital market volatility by inv ting angelsvation.”

“angels s consistently delivered high quality insights and dealRRlow to ourRRingertips through its inside knowledge of the Israeli tech scene, and we’re excited to tap into new regions wNFL them and add diverse global venture capital inv tments to our holdings, ” he added.

Shelly Hod Moyal,  CoRRounder,  angelsShelly Hod Moyal, Founder, angels

angelsRRounding partner Shelly Hod Moyal said in reply to qu tions: “It is an exciting time to be an inv tor. We are at the heart of disrupting the way inv tors engage the startup ecosystem. In addition to growing our angel network on a daily basis, we areRRocusing on our platform’s R& D as we enrich capabiliti and put additional emp sis on our analytics, dashboards and unique inv tment experience.”

The newsRRoangelsinance Magnat coverage angels’ partnership wNFL the Silicon valley accelerator NFX Guild.

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