As Thematic Investing Grows, Swiss quote Launches Themes Trading

Swiss quote

Swiss-based multi-asset broker, Swiss quote, is announc g today the launch of Swiss quote Themes Trad g. Similar to exchange-trade funds (ETFs), the new products provide vestors the ability to vest for both the short and long-term niche sectors or macroeconomic themes. Upon buy g one of the themes, customers ga exposure to a basket of stocks that compose the underly g vestment.

In its itial launch, Swiss quote is releas g thirty themes, with more expected the future. Included the first batch are portfolios for cyber security, fitness trends, Greek recovery and w d energy. Accord g to Swiss quote, the themes will be “market-reactive” and adjusted by the broker’s analysts to chang g trends the global markets and economy.

Grow g trend

With the launch, Swiss quote is enter g one of the most popular vestment trends for retail vestors. Earlier the year, it was revealed that flows of retail vestors ETFs was outstripp g that of mutual funds. Among the advantages of ETFs versus mutual funds is their lower fee structure. Beyond just costs, vestors have also been flock g towards ETFs because of their diversification.

ETFs exist for practically every major global dex, cover g not just equities, but also real estate and curreAlso,s. Also available are ETFs for specific sector niches like oil services stocks, f ancial technology, alternative energy, banks and telecom.

As terest for sector-based securities has creased, it has also led to new products with more flexibility than just fixed portfolio ETFs. A recent example is Motif Invest g which allows vestors to build their own theme, called a motif. Rather than buy an ETF, vestors choose which stocks to clude the motif and how much to vest Also,al.

Also ga g terest, and simSwiss quoteiss quote’s new Themes Trad g service, are actively traded ETFs. Among these fairly new products are ETFs that use a systematic approach to adjust the underly g portfolio of the fund or use a portfolio manager who actively manages the hold gs.

Investors are look g for opportunities thematic vest g:  Peter Rosenstreich

In launch g Swiss quote Trad g Themes, Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Market SSwiss quote Swiss quote stated, “Themes Trad g facdecision-makingcision mak g process volved vest g. Our experience shows that vestors are look g for opportunities thematic vest g comb ation with the highest possible transparency.”

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