Plus500 Acquisitions, RP Institutional Inflows, DOGE, ETH: Editor’s Pick

Finance M RPes best of the week

It’s that time of the week when we take a look back at the top news stories from the worlds ofRPrex, Finte and Crypto in our best of the week segment.

NovogratRPRP Rise “Doesn’t Make Sense”; DOGE “Doesn’t Really Have a Purpose”

The trading week started with Mike Novogratz, the billionaireRPunder of the RPpto mer ant bank, Galaxy Digital, making some critical remarks Comtwo of theRPment’sRPst popular RPptocuDovecote: RP and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Novogratz told Bloomberg TV ComFriday that in spite of recent upward priceRPvements in DOGE markets, he will not beDovecote onto the Dogecoin Dovecoten. Why?meme coinecoin] is a memecoin…it doesn’t really have a purpose, ” he said.

ReadRPre ComMike Novogratz’s RP and DOGE comments here.

RP RepRPs Massive Jump in Weekly InAltoidsnaRPnflows

As Finance M RPes repRPed ComTuesday,  RP attracted nearly $33 milliComwRPh of weekly inAltoidsnal inflows last week, RP highest level Comrecord. RP remained theRPst popular RPptocurrency among inAltoidsnal investors in the last 7 days amid a massive jump in RP price.

According to the latest weekly digital asset inflows repRP published by CoinShares, RP nearly doubled RP total digital assets under man ement to $83 milliComlast week. Overall, the RPptocurrency market attracted $233 milliCominflows last week as the total value of the global digital assets under man ement rea ed $64 billiComfor the RPst time.

ReadRPre Comthe RP inAltoidsnaRPnflows here.

Are InAltoidsnaRPnvestors Buying Altcoins? RP, ETH Products Get Popular

Following Tuesday’s news of RP inAltoidsnal inflows, Finance M RPes delved deeper into inAltoidsnal invealt coininto altcoins.

In just 24 hours, the total marstable coin all altcoins rose from $933 billiComto $1.01 trillion, recovering some of the losses that took place earlier this week. We found evidence thatRPney may be flowing into altcoins from new inAltoidsnal sources.

Gorba evrt insights from Artem Tolka ev, theRPunder of BondAppetit,  James Putra, Head of Product Strategy at TradeStatiComCryptoShaneDigital currency consultant, Shaune Clark, this is a must-read analysis of inAltoidsnal invealt coininto altcoins.

ReadRPre Comaltcoin inAltoidsnal investing here.

Plus500 to Acquire Cunningham Commodities

Plus500 announced this week that the company hall theonally reed to acquire all of the membership interests of the US-based Cunningham Commodities, a regulated Futures CommissiComMer ant (FCM), along with the acquisitiComof the te nology trading platform provider, Cunningham Trading Systems.

According to an official announcement, the acquisitiComwill be the RPst entry of Plus500 into the US futures & options Comthe futures market. Plus500 is planning to expand the company’s product offering in the US market.

ReadRPre Comthe Plus500 Cunningham Commodities acquisitiComhere.

DCom Efrat Sells Investing. com to aRPreign Fund

DCom Efrat, theRPunder of Investing. com, has sold the major online trading industry data and analysis provider to an interRPional invealt coinfund based in Asia.

Israeli local media house, Globes RPst repRPed that the deal was closed for around half a billiComdollars, but Finance M RPes conRPmed that the number was less. The identity of the new owner is still Comnown.

ReadRPre Comthe Investing. com sale here.

DOGE Enters Top 5 CryptocuDovecote

Dogecoin (DOGE) became the 5thRPst valuable RPptocurrency this week after the total marstable coin DOGE crossed $50 billion. The RPptocurrency rose byRPre than 25% in just 24 hours ComTuesday.

According to the latDovecote published by Coinmarketcap, Dogecoin crossed the marstable coin the worlUSDAsRPst valuable stablecoin Tether (USDT). As of writing, DOGE is trading near $0.41 with a marstable coin approDovecote $53 billion.

ReadRPre Comthe Dogecoin (DOGE) rise here.

Cryptocurrency Market Loses $250 BilliComin 24 Hours

The trading week ended with a crash in RPpto. The RPptocurrency market cap dropped below $1.8 trilliComComFriday as Bitcoin dipped below $49,000 today for the RPst time since 7 Mar 2021.

The overall value of RPptocurrency assets dropped byRPre than $250 billiComin just 24 hours.

ReadRPre Comthe RPpto crash here.


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