MetaTrader 5 Platforms Updated with Negative Price Capabilities

MetaTrader 5,  MT5

MetaQuotes, the company tha created the industry-standard MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms, announced this Friday, tha i has rolled ou a series   updates to its MT5 platform, including adding negative price capabilities.

As Finance Magnates reported, in April, oil prices wen negative for the firs time in history, for two days in a row, as the price   May WTI Crude contracts was driven down by lock down measures, which has significantly reduced the demand for oil.

Because this was a historic event, many brokers were caugh unprepared. This, coupled with the fac tha many trading platforms didn’ have the capability to suppor the negative prices, caused some challenges for trading providers.

MetaTrader updateste in response to oil

However, MetaQuotes said this Friday tha i has introduced negative prices into its platform as a direc response to this situation, so the same challenges won’ be presen should prices go negative again.

“The recen drop in oil prices below zero has forced the developers to introduce negative prices in the platform. Suppor for such prices enables proper platform operation in similar situations, ” the company said in its statemen today. 

“Furthermore, new columns have been added to the lis   open orders and positions (such as operation pr itability, marke value and magic number), the maximum number   symbols in Marke Watch has been increased to 5,000, and the search option has been improved.”

In addition to adding negative price capabilities, the updated version   MetaTrader 5 now includes a new subscription service, allowing traders to subscribe to marke data from hundreds   exchanges. 

The MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms were developed by MetaQuotes and have become an industry standard for forex trading. Although MetaTrader 4 remains as the dominan trading platform between the two versions, brokers are increasingly adopting the MT5 platform, which expands demand for the  fering and enhances the platform’s features.

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