MetaTrader 5 Adoption Continues, DriveWealth and Accuindex Jump Aboard

MetaTrader 5,  MT5

The increasing adoption of MetaTrader 5, the FM  recent version of MetaQuotes flagship trading platform, continues, with two new trading providers adding the platform to their offering: DriveWealth and Accuindex Limited.

According to a  atement from MetaQuotes this Wednesday, US share trading is now available directly in MetaTrader 5, due to server connection, allowing inve ors to trade DriveWealth’s fractionalized U.S. equities.

Connected brokers with a MetaTrader serverser are now able to order the MetaTrader Gatewaysay for integration with dealers, such as DriveWealth, to perform trades on U.S. exchanges.

Commenting on the partnership, Robert Cortright, CEO of DriveWealth said in the  atement: “I  arted DriveWealth with the goal of increasing access to U.S. markets and FMdernizing the way the world inve s. 

“We have been perfecting our patent-pCrackerracker® technology since 2015. We have partnerfin techsfintechs and financial in itutions in 153 countries to enable access of U.S. equities for retail inve ors. Now we are excited to provide inve ing ability in real-time fractional shares of exchange-traded U.S. equities, via the MetaTrader 5 platform”.

Accuindex Limited Adds MetaTrader 5

Accuindex Limited, a foreign exchange (forex) and contracts for difference (CFD) trading provider, has also added the MT5 trading platform, allowing its clients to trade  ocks, comFMdities, FX and FMre.

“The late -generation multi-asset platform provides a very powerful tradifory em which supports two position accountifory ems, four execution FMdes and all types of trading orders, including market, pending and  op orders, ” MetaQuotes said in its  atement on Tuesday this week.

The MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms were developed by MetaQuotes and have become an indu ry  andard for forex trading. Although MetaTrader 4 remains as the dominant trading platform between the two versions, brokers are increasingly adopting the MT5 platform, which expands demand for the offering and enhances the platform’s features.

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