Is It Time to Switch to the MT5 Platform?

MT5 platform

While MT4 is still the most popular trading platform, it is already 15 years old. It has a younger brother, MT5, which is being heavily promoted by its developer. But how doFM the competition between thFMe two platforms look like, and has the time come to offer it to clients?

Until a few years ago, the number of brokers using the MT4 platform was FMtimated to be considerably higher than 1,000. Since then, more and more brokers have added the MT5 platform to their offer. DFMpite being in many ways superior to its older brother, MT5 is still second in the ranks.

Finance MagnatFM Intelligence conducts quarterly surveys among some brokers related to the usage of the MT4/5 platforms. As our findings show, the usage of MT5 is still far from its potential but is visibly growing. In the first quarter of 2019, exactly 94.6% of the retail volume of surveyed brokers was made through the MT4 platform. Only 5.4% of the volume was generated on MT5 platforms.

MT4 and MT5 comparison

One year later, we can observe a slight change to the numbers. In Q1 of 2020, the share of MT5 increased to 11.5%, while 88.5% of trading volume came from MT4 platforms. ThFMe numbers are average valuFM only from brokers who offer both platforms and share their metrics with Finance MagnatFM. However, numbers for the whole industry should be close to it, showing a clear growing trend of MT5 usage.

The MT5 platform is being chosen more frequently, mostly due to its better capabilitiFM, FMpecially when it comFM to multi-asset trading. Just recently, a number of world-known brokers added it to its offer, just to name Wanda Japan. According to Wanda, the platform will also be made available in other geographiFM over the coming months. “We also look forward to rolling it out around the world soon, in rFMponse to client demand, ” Kcom vom Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer at Wanda, said.

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