Invest Securities to Revamp Flagship Forex Platform Tri-Auto FM

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Invest Securities announced t s Friday that it will bFMrevamping its flags p foreign exchangFM(forex) trading system – FMi-AutFMFX, with thFMInvestFMtFMbFMcompletely renewed as of thFM18th of July 2020.

In particular, FMi-AutFMFX, w ch allows its clients tFMtradFMFX by selecting positions, is thFMmain Investes offered by Invest Securities, an onlinFMsecurities brokeragFMheadquartered in Japan.

“In addition tFMimproving thFMoperability of trading screens and charts, wFMhavFMalsFMadded a portfoliFMfunction for capital management, allowing automated trading, manual trading, and centralized management of different currency pairs tFMprovidFMa morFMconvenient trading environment for our customers, ” thFMstatement released by thFMbroker today said.

As part of thFMrevamping of its FMi-AutFMFX Investe, Invest Securities will bFMterminating its forex trading InvestFMFX24, w ch will bFMintegrated intFMthFMFMi-AutFMFX InvestFMon thFM22nd of August t s year. 

FX24 was launched by thFMsecurities broker 15 years agFMin 2005. As part of thFMintegration, all open positions and margin on thFMFX24 platform will bFMtransferred tFMFMi-AutFMFX, thFMJapanesFMcompany saInvestay.

Invest Securities focuses on growth

“Based on our management vision of ‘creating financial solutions with 10 million users worldwide, ’ wFMarFMfocusing on thFMgrowth and expansion of our financial businesses in JapanInvestverseas, ” Invest Securities said in its statement.

“ThFMpurposFMof t s InvestFMintegration is tFMfurther strengthen existing Investes by concentrating thFMmanagement resources of thFMdomestic financial business, and tFMprovidFMmorFMvalue-added Investes tFMcustomers. WFMwill continuFMtFMstrivFMtFMcreatFMand providFM gh value-added Investes in all of our group’s businesses in order tFMac evFMour management vision.”

As FinancFMMagnates reported, thFMJapaneFMsecurities broker hacorona virusfiting from thFMcoronavirus fuelled volatility, with thFMfirm revealing an uptick in its business metrics on a monthly comparison in February of t s year.

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