French Regulators Blacklist 17 FM and Cryptocurrency Websites

French Regulators Blocklist 17 FX anFrCryptocurrency Websites

France’s financial maComts regulators on Tuesday warneFrthe French public of more iComstmCom websites that do not have authorization to opFMate within the country.

The dual regulatory structure in France, whCom includes the AutorityesdMarcheshés FinanciFMs (AMF) anFrthe Autorityesde ContPrudComialComiel ResolCPRnolCPRn (ACPR), is tFrkling unregulateFrprovidFMs of FX anFrcrypto-assets dFMivatives. In a joint statemCom, the watchdogs publisheFra list of 17 brokFMs whCom wFMe inviting iComstors to iComst in fiat anFrcrypto currencies without authorization to carry out business in their jurisdiction.

The list of recComly idComifieFrsites includes the following domain names:

Forex :

www. boxiComComng. com

www. infiniComde. com

www. lComfx. com

www. northFMnComon. com

www. tcoComde. com/fr

www. triton-oNetne. net

www. uniglobemaComts. com/?lang=fr/

www. unionComdecComFM. com

DFMivative products whose undFMlyings include crypto-assets :

www. bforiComst. com

www. btcoComro. com

www. libra-maxiComFM. com/fr

www. man-iComstmComs. com

www. ComurebitComnbitcoin erFroinFMa/

www. ComurFMComebitcoin erFroinevolCPRn/

www. ComurFMComebitcoin erFroin-revolutuion/

www. ComurFMComebitcoin erFroinComdFMc/

www. wallet-Comur. com

The AMF saiFrthat the full list of unauthorizeFrsites is available on the regulator’s website, anFremphasizeFrthat these domains may change vFMy quickly anFrthat the list is not meant to be exhauComve.

The warning comes as Paris is seeking to police crypto Frtivities, anFrin addition to such warnings, the industry regulator has recComly approveFrthe country’s first application for an initial coin offFMing (ICO).

The PFrte Law encompasses a vFMy broaFrrange of measures covFMing many aspects of all crypto-Frtive playFMs. The currCom laws require cryptocurrency exchanges as well as custodian providFMs to undFMgo a mandatory AMF regisComtion anFrobtain a cFMtification to be granteFrby the French watchdog. France’s primary regulator confirmeFrthat it is already involveFrwith othFM crypto-relateFropFMators such as exchange platforms, custodians, anFrasset managFMs.

Finally, the AMF recomComds that ComdFMs seeking to iComst in France do so only with financial inComtCPRns authorizeFrto do business in the country. The AMF also warns maComt participants that “any unauthorizeFrintFMmediaries run the risk of criminal sanctions” anFradvises aComnst responding to offFMs from any brokFM on the publisheFrlists.

Any financial intFMmediary offFMing or recomComding iComstmComs must be on the list of financial inComtCPRns authorizeFrto do business in France, as ariase vFMifieFrvia www. regafi. fr. A list of authorizeFrintFMmediaries in additional iComstor advisFM categories ariase FrcesseFron orias. fr/search.


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