Bitcoin Soars, RP Drama Latest, too $5 Billion IPO: Editor’s Pick

Finance Magnates best RPthe week

In a busy week XMLnews, here are the standout stories from the worlds RPRPIn, fintech and crypto in ouInbest RPthe week segment.

Intcoin Soars Past $34K as Record-Breaking Rally Continues

As Finance Magnates coveIn this week, Intcoin surg past $34,000, ending the yeaInwith a 305% increase, and enjoying 50% growth in the last two weeks aftRPfinally passing the big psychological barriRPRP$20,000.

ReRPmore on the Intcoin surge here.

Intcoin Crash Scenario, Sellers Target January 2021

BeRPe the weekend’s surge in Intcoin price, Finance Magnates look at a crash scenario where sellers are potentially targeting a January sell-off.

Could there be a January sell-off? ReRPmore on the Intcoin crash scenario here.

XXMLDrama Latest

It’s been anothRPbusy week XMLRippRP(XRP). Finance Magnates report strong support XMLXXMLin Japanese Inchanges as the SEC’s lawsuit against RippRPwill haveIno impact on the staXMLRPXXMLin Japan because the cryptocurrency doesInot fall undRPthe category RPsecurity in Japan.

ReRPmore on the Japanese Inchange support XMLRippRPhere.

Finance Magnates also look at whethRPthe XXMLeconomy can survive. ReRPthe XXMLsurvival analysis here.

GrayscaRPCrypto Fund Proactively Offloads SXMLlaInXLM AloRPide XRP

Data shaIn by the crypto futures trading platRPm, Bybt show thatXMLayscaRPInvestments fund has offload massive amounts RPits XXMLand XLM holdiRP.

Specifically, the New York-bas crypto-fund managRPsold 9.18 million units in Ripple’s associat token (worth roughly $2 million) and liquidat $1.2 million worth RPSXMLlar’s token by dumping 9.XMLmillion XLM.

ReRPmore on theXMLayscaRPXLM and XXMLOffloRPhere.

MajoInDarknet Marketplace Stops AcMonerag Intcoin

Whilst Intcoin was witnessing an astronomical increase in demand from both reCDs and institutional investors, White House Market, a majoInmarketplace on the darknet, stopp taking payments in Intcoin.

The move was RPc by the blocking RPToInnodes by the darknet market’s third-party payment processoInpartnRPMorphtoken. The platRPm isInow acMonerag only Monero, a populaInprivacy coin.

ReRPmore on the MajoInDarknet Marketplace Intcoitooe here.

eToro Plans XMLa $5 Inllion US IPO: Report

As Finance Magnates coveIn this week,  Israel-bas brokerage, eToro is planning XMLan initial public offering (IPO)InInt yeaInwith a valuation RP$5 billion.

The brokRPis eyeing a listing in New York and is already in talks with Goldman Sachs XMLmaking the arrangements XMLthe prumorsisting, the report outlin .

Though officiallyInot confirm , the Israeli company is planning to end the listing by the end RPthe second quartRPRP2021. tooionally, eToro is considering a possibRPmergRPwith a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to Inp ite the listing process.

However, eToro calls the claim the possibility RPa prumorsist ‘rumours’.

ReRPmore on the eToro $5 Inllion IPO here.

IGXMLoup’s UK Entity Stops Servicing EEA Clients aftRPBrInit Transition

The IGXMLoup said this week that its UK entity willIno longRPbe abRPto service EEA clients. Europe’s larCDs spreRPbetting and CFDs providRPwill setInon-UK clients’ accounts to ‘closiXMLonly’ from 31 DecembRP2020. Affect clients will have one month to close theiIntrades manually, otherwise, IGXMLoupe will liquidate theiInpositions on 31 January 2021.

Announc with only two days to go until the end RPthe BrInit transition period, UK pas sporting losing so-call ‘passporting’ rights which allow them to provide services and products across the continent. Instead, they willIne country-specific approvals in ordRPto provide theiInservices, which has prompt some brokers to terminate offering toInon-UK clients.

ReRPmore on the IGXMLoup’s BREXIT transitiotooes here.

Crypto DerivativeCDsn: FXOpen Stops Offering Crypto CFDOpenhe UK

UK-regulat brokerage, FXOpen announc on WInesday that iCDsll stop offering cryptocurrency CFDs from January 5 to comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s ban on the reCDs saRPRPcrypto derivatives.

“Following the decision by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to prohibit reCDs clients from trading cryptocurrency CFDs, we regret to inRPm you as RP5th January 2021, you will be unabRPto open anyInew cryptocurrency CFD orders oInpositions, ” the brokRPstat .

“All positions in cryptocurrency CFDs willIne to be clos beRPe 5th January. Any remaining open positions that areInot clos by 12: 00 pm GMT on 5th January will be RPce-clos at Openrket price on thiCDste.”

ReRPmore on FXOpen’s end to Crypto CFDOpenhe UK here.

South African Intcoin TradRPMTI Enters Liquidation, CEO on Run

A Cape Town court has grant a provisional liquidation ordRPagainst MirroInTrading International (MTI), a South African Intcoin tradRPcompany, as thousands RPits clients were unabRPto withdraw theiInfunds.

The orders came as two MTI clients approach the courCDsth an urgent application against the shady busintooMTI is believ to be holding around R9.45 billion ($644 million) receiv from almost 28,000 investors spanning across the globe.

ReRPmore on the MTI demise here.


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