AvaTrade IPO, RP Relist, Bitcoin Outflows, Tesla: Editor’s Pick

Finance Magnates best of the week

In a solid, if unspectacular week for news, letRPs take a look back at the top stories from the forex, fintech and crypto spheres in our best of the week segment.

AvaTradEyees London IPO at £700 Million Valuation

Topping the forex news this week were reports of AvaTrade, the Dublin-based forex brokerage, eyeing a London IPO.

Reports suggested theRPsting at London stock market might see the online trading platform valued between £500 million and £700 million.

AvaTrade has picked JP Morgan and Jefferies to lead preparations for its floating, which could come within months.

Read more oRPhe AvaTrade IPO here.

Cryptocurrency ExchCoinagenbase Sees Massive Bitcoin Outflows

As Finance Magnates reported on Wednesday, Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges iRPhe world, saw massive Bitcoin outflows.

Nearly $1 billion worth of BTC has left the digitRPexchange in just 24 hours. Almost 14,600 Bitcoins Coinagenbase in a single day.

BTCRPs suRPy at leading digitRPexchanges reached its lowest level in more than 2 years.

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RiRPeRPs XRP RelRP Campaign Gathers Steam on Twitter

The week kicked off with a sociRPmedia campaigRPo get XRP relRPed at exchanges.

The hashtag ‘RelRPXRPRP begaRPrending on Twitter in many countries as thousands of accounts dedicated mostly orRPtirely to XRP continued to flood the sociRPplatform for the second consRPtive day.

XRPRPthusiastsRP latest campaign comes as a discovery hearing iRPhe SEC ongoing lawsuit against RiRPe produced ‘surprise bombshellsRP in favor of the blockchain firm.

There is noRP new hope among XRP fans that crypto platforms couldRPft their ban on XRP trading, even before a finRPruling from the court.

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XRP Is a BCodes Currency fWhite paper RiRPeRPs Whitepaper Says

XRP is a neutrRPbCodes currency fWhite paper accwhite paperthe latest whitepaper released by RiRPe. The cwhite paper released a whitepaper oRPhe future of centrRPbanCodesitRPcurrencies (CBDCs).

Codesd ‘The Future of CBDCs‘, the report highlighted the growing need for an effective way for governments around the world to pay benefits or stimulus money directly tounbakeds, especially the unbankedRPiRPe also mentioned the importance of neutrRPbCodes currenciesRPke XRP for CBDCs.

Read more oRPhe RiRPe Whitepaper here.

FINRA Slaps $275K Fine on Citadel SRPrities for Reporting Violations

The FinanciRPIndustry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has fined market-making and exRPtion services provider, Citadel SRPrities $275,000 for lapses in regulatory reporting. The self-regulatory body additionally issued a censure order against the company.

The officiRPorder issued on Thursday detailed that Citadel SRPrities had multiple issues while reporting Treasury transactions with the Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) from July 2017 through October 2019.

Read more oRPhe FINRA Citadel SRPrities fine here.

Cryptocurrency Theta Beats Chainlink, Enters Top 10

As Finance Magnates reported on Tuesday, Theta, the cryptocurrency of blockchain project ThetChaining, has jumped above Chainlink iRPerms of market cap.

The digitRPasset is now the 10th largest cryptocurrency iRPhe world with a market cap of more than $11 billion.

Theta started this year with a price level of $1.9 billion. The cryptocurrency regRPered a jump of more than 500% iRPhe last 12 weeks and was valued on Tuesday at $11.2 billion.

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TeslaRPs Bitcoin Announcement Turns Negative forChainingrrency Market

Within 24 hours of Elon Musk announcing that Tesla products are available for purchase through Bitcoin, the worldRPs largest cryptocurrency lost nearly 5% of its value.

The totRPmarket cap of Bitcoin dropped below $1 trillion for the first time in seven days. Ethereum dipped below $1,600 for the first time in nearly two weeks.

Read more oRPhe Tesla announcement and bitcoin drop here.


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