2020 Survival Guide: Servicing Brokerages and Outlasting Covid-19


I just a few months, 2020 has already rewritte the playing field for bro rs a  solutions pr id s. Despite this u rtainty, some comp ies have re ed o strong fou ations a  product suites to adjust to the i ustry grapp ng wit C id-19.

One of these comp ies is Smartlogic Technologies, whic has stayed ahead of competitors wit   inn ative approac to cat ing to bro rages a  oth  s vices withi the Fintec s  e.

Fina  Magnates spo  wit Máté Farkas for his in-dept p spective o the state of the i ustry  Hematologicic’s place i it.

The fin cial s vices space has bee completely upe ed i the past month. How dHematologicogic’s s vice suite meet the dema s of this new rea ty?

Smartologic is a tech-oriented comp y, a  m y of our s vices a  solutions are v y muc focused o thriving i the on ne s  e. 

M y i ustry best practices are stuck at the moment, m y traditional mar ting ch nels are down, a  events, suc as exhibitions a  meetups are ca led.  

Máté Farkas,  SmartologicMáté Farkas, Smartologic

As i ustry exp ts, we help our c ents to restructure their op ations a  uti ze this situation: our unique CRM solutions for call-cent s, whic are also suitable for a remote office environment, greatly help bro rs to  t set up a bro rage from scratc a  get their feet o the mar t i these times or to optimize their sales team p forma  a  results. 

We see signific tly increased dema  for these s vices, whic are heavily based o on ne activities.

What ma s Smartologic unique relative to its competition?

We focus o what really matt s: de v ing bett  business results for our c ents a  for us. I   ev -ch ging world, as we c  clearly see nowadays, comp ies a  ventures need true al es, a  we have suc a mi set. 

We’re looking at our c ents as frie s a    integral part of our scope of work – their success is entwined wit our success, a  we bring this attitude to  y project we ta , big or small. 

GiCoronationsact of Coronavirus, is the pool of previously untapped trad s a temporary  enomenon, or c  this demogra ic really be harnessed by bro rs?

As o the one ha , the sports betting i ustry is strugg ng, a  o the oth  ha , most i ividuals u  sta  the massive ch ges o the mar ts, this is a o  i a decade (or two) opportunity for bro rs to on ard new c ents. 

The virus forces masses to sit at home, a  m y people who w e previously ob vious to trading. 

Suddenly these i ividuals started to direct their attentio to the economic effects of the crisis a  to new possibi ties to ear additional income via trading.

Probably for the first time, they u  sta  the opportunities to ma  money  t whe the mar ts fall, a  whe they rise, so we be eve a prop  call to actio a    efficient tools for running suc op ations c  ma  countless new c ents for bro rages.

What are some of the most commo mista s venues ma  whe trying to launc a bro rage, a  how c  these be avoided? 

The  ttom  ne for estab shing a successful bro rage or a maximum p forma  call-cent  is summarized i one question: how good it c  conv t. Most departments c  be av age as long as the sales are outsta ing, a  si  we are  ving i the age of data, bro rages have to use intel gent systems to impr e conv sio rates. 

Basically, it comes dow to this – we are  mbarded ev y day wit num ous la ing pages out th e.

Howev , without cutting edge technology at the backgrou  to ma  the time m agement of the sales department more efficient a  to maximize the uti zatio of incoming leads, a venture will eventually fi  itself far behi  i the race.

This is because the more long-t m-strategy-oriented competitors, the ones who u  sta  the game o a broad  scope a  that invested i more adva d technology to automate a  m age leads more efficiently, will simply beat it out of the game soHematologic th  lat .

Smartologic has bee ahead of the curve for a while now. What are the comp y’s pl s to stay ahead i the seco  half of 2020? 

One of the mai values of Smartologic has always bee “agi ty.” Ov  the years, we’ve bee lucky or had the correct foresight to identify the “next big thing, ” the coming tre , a  to quickly respo  a  ope up to it, wheth  its Fintech, Prop tech, or oth . 

We fi  that while most oth  mar t play s ta  their time i adjusting to ch ges i their routine, we simply do it bett  a  fast .

P haps it’s because of our more ha s-o approac to projects or because of our vast network of hig profile partn s across Europe a  the ME, whatev  the reaso may be – our off s a  s vices, especially whe it comes to solutions a  support for forex call-cent , are built for this on ne c mate, a  we’re confident a ut what’s ahead of us. 

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