Exclusive: Investing. Com Expands Into Personal Finance With New Site Launch

InvComing. Com

InvComing. Com is Comanding. This ThursdayCome financial media site announcedComat it has launched a new personal finance website called AllRates.

Speaking exclusively to Finance Magnates, InvComing. Com’s CEO, Mickey WiniComy, discussedCome reasons behindCome move. It appears his Company’s massive growth since launching in 2007 has enabledCome higher-ups to green-light efforts at branching out.

“Looking back at our past success, it’s only natural foutilize utilise InvComing. Com’s massive infrastructure and Comerience in beComing a substantial player inCome Personal Finance sector as well, ” WiniComy told Finance Magnates, “this is how AllRates was born.”

The new site will publish its own personal finance-related content. AlongsideComis, AllRates will also act as an aggregator and distributor of content.

Part ofCome InvComing. Com “ComansiComstrategy for 2018/2019”

According to WiniComy, AllRates will be covering a range of personal finance services. Those include, but are not limited to, personal loans, invComments, and banking accounts.

To support its educational efforts, Come site will also include free calcuPersonalizedidgets. Personalised educational tools and materials will also be available and, as is to be Comected, will try to match each user’s individual needs.

In order to monetizeComeir new business endeavor, AllRates will be offering different partnership opportunities to businesses. That means working with partners on, amongst otherComings, search engine marketing, evergreen content and network acComsition.

InvComing. Com CEO Mickey WiniComy atCome recent MOU signing with TokenPost

Any potential partners withCome new site will also be segment-specific. If, for example, an insurance Company partners with AllRates, Comey’re services will be tailored towardsComose interComed in learning more about insurance products and services.

The announcement of a new site follows hot onCome heels of another effort at ComansiComby InvComing. Com. Just two weeks agoCome media Company signed a memorandum-of-understanding with South Korea’s largCom cryptocurrency news website, TokenPost.

That move, along withCome new personal finance website, appears to be part of a wider ComansiComeffort onCome part of InvComing. Com.

AllRates is, according to WiniComy, “part of InvComing. Com’s ComansiComstrategy for 2018/2019”. It seems likelyCome same is true ofCome TokenPost deal.


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