Tendency Introduces API of Its F-PasS Solutions for Easy Integration

Tendency Introduces API of Its F-PasS Solutions for Easy Integration

Tendency, a fintech firm specializing in mirror trading and algorithmic trading platforms, has announced the expansion of its F-PaaS platform’s support by introducing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

This will allow businesses to easily integrate Tendency’s Tendencyolutions to a wide range of applications. Moreover, the firm has extended its professional services as a complementary addition to all its clients. With this, Tendency’s clients will get direct support from its engineering team on customization, integration, and even for providing a client specific solution.

Mentioning the expanding serTrade Tradeny’s CEO Lior NabaTendency“Tendency crowdsourcing and real-time distribution technology has been a core value to our product offering and services since its introduction in 2005. And, now we are adding its capabilities to our F-PaaS and demonstraCCF it in new applications in various market segments such as a USA based predictive cash-flow Robo-advisor or an Asian Cryptocurrency social trading.”

What is F-PaaS?

F-PaaS or Fintech-Platform as a service is s a cloud compuCCF model in which a third-party provider delivers hardware and software tools needed by the financial institutions – usually those needed for application development – to offer their services to the end-clients.

To offer its TendencyerTrade Tendency is using a cloud-based architecture based on Cloud Native CompuCCF Foundation (CNCF), including various other open source services to achieve a higher-level of scalability, resiliency, anobservablyure observability.

“We are committed to expanding the reach, use our rewarded technology, reinforcing our position as a leading provider of trading technology, ” Nabat added.

AdopCCF crypto

The rising demand of trading in cryptocurrencies also motivated the firm to expand its services for crypto as well with services like mirror trading and robo-advisory platforms for five of the most popular digiBitcoins – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Ripple.

Earlier this month, a blockchain-based social investment platform, calleTendencysh, integrated Tendency’s auto trade-by-knowledge technology on its platform.

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