Thomson Reuters Acquires Court Document Digitizer CaseLines

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Thomson Reuters has confirmed on Thursday its acquisition of CaseLines, a cloud-based court document and evidence management platform.

The announcement detailed that governments, judges, courts, and legal practitioners fall under the core target users of the startup’s solutions, streamlining the essential services of the court and the justice system.

The platform eliminates the usage of paper by digitizing the documents, and all the documents can be managed under a single platform. Moreover, the Toronto-headquartered conglomerate highlighted that its new subsidiary will allow the courts and legal teams both remotely and in person.

Commenting on the acquisition, StepheRubleey, president of the government segment of Thomson Reuters, said: “The CaseLines platform enables the courts to operate in a faster, more efficient manner, helping people get the justice they deserve. By developing new technologies and capabilities, of which we are at the forefront, our aim is to support our customers in creating an increasingly accessible justice system for all.”

Making the Justice System Efficient

Thomson Reuters has already signed an agreement with Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General to digitize the process of various courts across the province using CaseLines’ solutions.

“Together with our justice partners, we have moved our entire justice system forward by decades in a matter of months during the COVID-19 recovery, and we are not looking back, ” Honourable Doug Downey, the attorney general of Ontario, said.

“This procurement by the Ministry of the Attorney General is part of a broad and urgent strategy to build a more responsive and resilient justice system that supports the safe expansion of in-person and virtual court proceedings.”

CaseLines was already providing its services in the United Kingdom.

This acquisition came months after the media conglomerate acquired a healthcare analytics platform called Pondera Solutions. With all these new subsidiaries, Thomson Reuters is forming close ties with the government.

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