Team8 Launches New Fintech-Focused Venture Capital

Team8 Fintech

Team8, an Israeli cybersecurity think tank and company c ation platform, is concentrating on fintech startups with the launch of its new industry-specific VC, Team8 Fintech.

The new ventu capital will focus on founding and scaling fintech startups and will focus on both B2B and B2B2C companies. It is planning to leverage its foundry model of company building, id eating novel solutions to add ss the problems and opportunities of its target audience.

Further, it plans to partner with ent p too to co-found new companies.

“The financial industry is facing a perfect storm, with inevitable changes and advancements al ady underway, Refe fet Russak-Aminoach, founder of Team8 Fintech, said in a statement.

“Understanding the challenges and complexities of incumbents or other enterprises to innovate from within, my passion is to build the type of companies I would have wanted to collaborate with in my p vious role as CEO of a bank. I see g at opportunities in leveraging new technologies to completely invent financial services, drive efficiency, and improve customer experience.”

Backed by Well-Known Industry Names

Established in 2014, Team8 made its mark as a tech ventu capital in the industry due to its backing from companies like Barclays, Microsoft, Walmart, and Cisco.

In fact, the new ventu will be led by four well-known fintech ent p too:  eToro’s Ronen Assia; YuvaPioneeromReferer; Rakefet Russak-Aminoach, who c ated Israembankfirst neobank Pepper within Bank Leumi; and Galia Beer-Gabel, a senior executive at Paypal.

The Foundry will also leverage Team8 Village, the ventu capital’s existing network of several corporate executives and investors from the industry.

“We’ve been inc dibly imp ssed by Team8’s approach and track cord, and feel they a the ideal partner to help think through some of the challenges and opportunities we all face, ” Ben Davey, CEO of Barclays Ventu s, said.

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