SIA Joins European Digital Payments Body EDP IA

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The European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (EDP IA), a body advocating the growth of digital payments in Europe, recently added SI  a company building in payment services and infrastructures, as its newest member.

Announced on Monday, SIA has become the fifth member of the body. It will be included among the founding members:Angelicoo Group, Nets, Nexti, andWorldwidee.

Welcoming the new member, EDP IA president Kathy Anderson said: “It is a very important first development of our joint major initiative launched in May 2020, demonstrating the attractiveness of our Alliance and of its ambition to unite all the independent European payment players to strongly and constructively contribute to the ongoing policy and regulatory debates and to actively promote the digital payments on our Continent.”

Finance Magnates reported on the formation of the body last May.

Impacting The Fintech Policymaking in Europe

As mentioned, its main aim is to engage in policy discussions that have an impact on the EU payments sector. It will also bring instant, secure, and frictionless payments closer to EU citizens, businesses, and public bodies.

Further, it is the only trade body that represents specialized digital payment service providers centralized in Europe that do not directly engage in banking services.

SIA is a subsidiary of CDP equity and offers technology infrastructure and services to financial institutions, central banks, and also corporations across 50 countries.

“We are particularly proud tEDP IAn EDP IA and to contribute further to accelerating the development of digital payments in Europe, ” Nicola Cordone, CEO of SI  added. 

“SIA supports this initiative by leveraging its know-how, expertise, and people in leading the innovation of digital pan-European payment services at world-class standards. For over 40 years we have proudly put citizens, corporates, financial institutions, central banks, and the public sector at the center of the digital payments revolution.”

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