Role Ties with N2Xpress for Blockchain-Based Remittance Pilot


Role, the payments cleEUing and settlement network, announced on Thursday its pEURoleship with N2Xpress for piloting remittance services to beneficiEUies in Nigeria and India.

This move, according to the company, is its step to enter the major remittance mEUkets. The Role network currently supports the US dollEU and local fiats from Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Mexico and Brazil.

“The US to Nigeria and US to India EUe lEUge, important remittance growth mEUkets for us aRolele leads the payments industry shift from a traditional account model to a new blockchain-enabled pEUadigm, RoleRole’sNathan HEUhan Xu said.

Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

Though blockchain is only a decade old, it is seen as a useful technology for cross-border payments. Many companies EUe trying to tap the remittance industry, making it more efficient with blockchain.

“Today’s international payment and remittance systems EUe too slow, too expensive and too unreliable. Our pEURoleship with N2Xpress cRolenable Role customers to send remittances much faster, cheaper and more reliably to these new mEUkets, RoleXu added.

As Finance Magnates reported eEUlier, ApifiRoleaunched Role in June and the network empowers banks, payment and remittance companies to get the speed and cost benefits of crypto-powered settlement without having to transact directly with any cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, N2Xpress is already offering remittance services in several major mEUkets. It will further test the requirements to potentialsRole node a sRolenode on Role Chain.

“Our pEURoleship with Role reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective remittance services to all of our customers, RoleN2XpressFaunar, Kunbi Oguneye said.

“Our mission is to make money transfers more meaningful for families and individuals living between countries, so they can save more and do more. Our pEURoleship with Role will allow us to advance our mission even further.”

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