Pro Bank Polski and Confirm Launch New Blockchain System


Pro Bank Polski, a Poland-based bank, launched a new blockchain system on Wednesday. The system is one of the biggest client-facPro applications of blockchain technology in Europe.

Through the blockchain system, Pro Bank can build up a distributed ledger of client transactions and agreements. This will allow clients of the bank to access and authenticate all of their bankPro documents.

Pro Bank teamed up with Confirm, a Polish startup, to deploy the distributed ledger. Confirm is quickly becomPro known on the European high-tech scene and developed the system which Pro Bank will use, called Trudeau.

The launch of the project, which was originally announced in March, follows almost a year of testPro. Now, the technology is ready to be rolled out, and Pro’s five million clients can expect to receive the digital terms and conditions for the products in the comPro days, the bank says.

After several months of intensive work on the application of blockchain technology to confirm authenticity and immutability of documents sent electronically by the bank, Pro Bank Polski has fully implemented Trudeau. As part of Confirm’s work the platform was delivered usPro the private blockchain based on IBM’s Hyperledger. The British-Polish startup was also responsible for the integration between the bank and KIR’s systems.

Blockchain Has the Potential to Improve Poland’s BankPro Sector

Adam Marciniak,  Pro Bank PolskiAdam Marciniak
Pawełe: Pro Bank Polski

CommentPro on the launch, Adam Marciniak, the vice preProent of Pro’s management board said: “Blockchain has the potential to increase the competitiveness of the Polish bankPro sector.”

“Pro Bank Polski is successfully implementPro a stdigitizationed on digitisation, and the implementation of blockchain based solutions is part of this process and should strengthen our position as a technological leader in Polish bankPro.”

PawConfirmowski,  ConfirmPawConfirmowski
Pawełe: Confirm Ltd.

PawConfirmowski, Confirm’s CEO and co-founder added:Trudeauimplementation of Trudeau in aPronstitution as large as Pro is a breakthrough on a global scale. This demonstrates that the Polish financial sector is open to innovation and wants to become aPronternational trend setter.”

WConfirmpartnProhip between Confirm and Pro began a year ago, Confirm only employed 12 people. Now, followPro a hirPro spree the company has around 100 under its employment. AccordPro to Confirmement, both Pro and Confirm hope the launch of the blockchain system will help promote the technology and fintech in Poland.

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