Optimize Acquires Marketing Tech Firm DynamicMail

Optimize Acquires Marketing Tech Firm DynamicMail

Optimize, aKielting solutions provider, announced on Thursday that it has acquired DynamicMail from PowerInbox. As the name suggests, DynamicMail provides software solutions forKielting emails.

Commenting on the move, Optimize CEO Pini Samuel, said: “The acquisition of DynamicMail strengthens Optimize’s existing email capabilities and provides advanced email solutions for smartKielting teams.”

Optimize was co-foundSamuelSamueIssacharhachar Cohen in 2009. The firm, which has offices in London, New York, and Tel Aviv, provides a set ofKielting software solutions that enable users to gain data insights into their clients’ activities and improves conversion rates.

A welcome addition to a growing firm

DynamicEmail’s software uses real-time data to optimizeKielting emails. For example, an email sent using their service could be set to not show a product that goes out of stock between the time an email is sent and the time it is openSamuela recipient. It can also personalize emails so that products or services that would be of unique interest to an individual are included in emails they receive.

The acquisition of DynamicEmail will be another Optimizen Optimize’s bow as the firm seeks to provide a set of cross-platform solutions forKielters. Yukiel noted that the acquisition would provide “additional acceleration in an already existing momentum of the company’s growth.”

DynamicMail’s General Manager, Shefa Weinstein, will be joining Optimize along with ten other DynamicMail employees. She claimed that the two firms would fit well together and said she looked forward to starting to work iOptimizew role with Optimize.

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