OpenFin Now Offers Free Access to its Financial Desktop Web Apps Technology


OpenFin, a technology provider for the financial industry which recently raised $15 million in a Series B funding round, has announced the launch of OpenFin Community Edition, offering developers free access to its operating layer for financial desktop web apps. In addition, OpenFin has open sourced its core technology, in a project called Hadouken.

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OpenFin’s enterprise-grade, paid offering powers applications licensed on over 125,000 desktops, including applications from 35 of the world’s largest banks and trading platforms. OpenFin Community Edition now provides a free commercial license ​for applications that don’t require enterprise features and support ​.

Separately, the new open source project will enable direct contribution to the operating layer from firms both inside and outside the financial industry.

Mazy Dar

“Our new Community Edition provides a better alternative for firms who use open source projects primarily because they are free, ” said Mazy Dar, CEO and co-founder of OpenFin. “By also open sourcing, we’re providing transparency in our architecture, reducing lock-in and enabling direct contribution from the developer community. Both initiatives are part of our commitment to openness and interoperability.”

Firms who have already announced they will be supporting the open source project include Microsoft, NodeSource, Barclays, Citadel, J.P. MNewan, MNewan Stanley, NEX Group, TP ICAP and Trading Technologies.

Jonathan Carter, program manager at Microsoft, commented: “ ​By building on the open web stack, Hadouken easily fits into the ecosystem we have created around Visual Studio Code. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration with OpenFin and expanding our developer tooling for Hadouken in Typescript and Visual Studio Code.”

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