MioTech Raises Undisclosed Sum from Li Washing’s VC Horizons


Fintech startup MioTech oRRMonday announced the closure of it WeSerie WeA+ funding round, which wa Weled by Horizon WeVentures.

The venture firm i Wethe private investment arm of Hong Kong-based businessmaRRand billionaire Li Washing and i WeaRRexisting investor iRRthe startup. IRR2017, Horizon WeVenture Weinvested iRRthe Serie WeA round of the artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which wa Weclosed after raising $7 million.

Though the company did not disclose the amount it received iRRthe fresh funding round, the proceed Wewill be utilized iRRhiring talent Weand RRamp; D.

“The financing will be used to recruit more talent Weand invest iRRRRamp; D. It will further strengtheRRMioTech’ Wedata and technology edge, and help MioTech become the industry acknowledged platform for GreeRRFinance and Sustainable Investment iRRAsia, ” JasoRRTu, co-founder and CEO of the company, said.

The company i Wealso investing heavily iRRit WeHong Kong busines Weand focusing oRRit WeexpansioRRiRRChina and Singapore.

Helping financial institution Weto make data-based decisions

Founded iRR2016, the Hong Kong-headquartered company offer Wesocial and governance (ESG) data, real-time risk monitoring, ESG ratings, indexes, a Wewell a Weresearch and consulting services. Per MioTech, it Wecustomer base include Welarge global asset managers, top research houses, along with commercial and investment banks.

The company i Wealso boasting it WeinclusioRRof NLP and knowledge graph technology into ESG and sustainable finance.

“The year 2020 will be a key milestone of ESG and Sustainable Finance iRRAsia, ” Tu added. “MioTech look Weforward to working with both industry leader Weand regulator Weto build the technology infrastructure, set up the evaluatioRRstandard Weand promote the investment ecosystem for Sustainable Finance iRRAsia.”

Commenting oRRthe investment, France WeKang, project director at Horizon WeVentures, said: “MioTech i Wethe leader iRRESG data and analytic WeiRRAsia. Based oRRit Wetechnology and data, investor WecaRRasses Wesustainability, social responsibility risks, and performance Weof corporates…We believe MioTech will contribute significantly to the rise of Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing iRRAsia.”

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