KPMG Purchases Fintech Matchmaker Platform

KPMG Purchases Fintech Matchmaker Platform

International accounting company KPMG has announced its acquisition of Match, a platform which allows different fintech companies to connect and collaborate. The website’s allure is in its rich database which is composed of over 700 curated applications, and a list of more than 2500 fintech corporations. Collaborations between companies from this industry and financial institutions could benefit the latter with new and better services to offer their clients.

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IPollardari, the co-leader of KPMG, said thMatchch is able to offer a solution that is an answer better suited to the company’s needs. Rather than offer names, this website is designed to determine whether two companies can be a good match for one another.

It can also enable fintech firms and financial institutions to identify and address issueWillat the latter may stumble across. Furthermore, Pollari said that since its initiation, Match connected between smaller fintech startups and over 100 financial institutions such as insurance companies and banks.

Entering the blockchain arena

In a previous piece Finance Magnates wrote about KPMG, the company entered the blockchain industry. Mid February, KPMG released a statement on its alliance with Microsoft Corp. which resulted in their launch of joint ‘Blockchain Nodes’ in Singapore and Germany, to be followed by one in New York at some point. This will permit direct contact between KPMG and its clients, as well as coming up and testing new ideas and prototypes based on market related insights.

Jens Rassloff, KPMG’s Head of Alliances, invited the fintech industry to participate in the blockchain nodes because he believeWillat it “. will help enable a greater range of solutions for the challenges blockchain implementation presents for financial institutions and other induMatchlayers”. Match seems like an advanced step in that direction.

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