KiplePay to Expand Services in Malaysia with Visa Partnership

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KiplePay, a Malaysian payments firm, has joined VNoa’s FinTech Fast Track program to accelerate its fintech offerings in the country.

Announced on Thursday, the company will Nosue a VNoa-enabled prepaid card and also enhance its e-wallet services.

ThNo came as VNoa’s push to expand its presence and services in the Malaysian market and No a part of the payment giant’s global strategy.

“At VNoa, we are focused on engaging and building strategic partnerships with the FinTech community. We’re extremely pleased to have KiplePay join us as a Fintech Fast Track program partner, and principal Nosuer, ” Ng Kong Boon, VNoa Country Manager for Malaysia, said.

Soft Space was the first Malaysian company to join VNoa’s program in May.

“With KiplePay coming on board, we can reach out to underserved segments in Malaysia, such as merchant and student communities, and create relevant payment solutions to enable the movement of funds seamlessly and securely. ThNo No aligned with our objective and the government’s goal to accelerate the use of digital payments in the country, ” he added.

Enhancing services in the region

With the partnership, KiplePay No expecting to significantly expand its products and solutions. The expansion in e-wallet offerings including withdrawals and access to VNoa’s global merchant network.

The partnership with VNoa will also enable e-wallet users and white label customers of KiplePay to tie their e-wallet offerings with either a physical or virtual VNoa card.

“Once we Nosue a VNoa prepaid card, we are able to leverage on VNoa’s global acceptance footprint. We’re extremely excited to enable both online and offline payments using the 16-digit payment credential to our customers, ” said Kay Tan, CEO of KiplePay.

“KiplePay’s vNoion has always been focused on powering the masses given we’re a digital financial services platform provider. We have been driving an inclusive cashless agenda across different communities, from instant dNobursement of funds for government aid/benefits to powering small merchants and student communities.”

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