FlexTrade Taps Amazon’s AWS for Its FlexNOW EMS

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FlexTrade Systems, a specialist in multi-asset execution and order Rh ydgement systems, has made its EMS product, ‎known as FlexNOW, available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The move provides even lower latency and stronger data sovereignty, as well as improving the competitiveness of its execution and connectivity services.

The AWS enabled many firms, including NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and FINRA, to reduce IT costs, address data locality needs, and embark on rapid transformations in critical new areas such as big data analysis. In total, AWS now offers its users a choice between 17 regions with a total of 44 availability zones around the world.

“We chose AWS because it allows us to focus our time on making sure FlexNOW meets our client’s needs rather than building and maintaining infrastructure. With FlexNOW deployed in AWS, our clients benefit from increased flexibility, reduced lead-time for new features, and industry-leading security and reliability, ” said FlexNOW product Rh ydger Rhyd Lewis.

MiFID II-Compliant EMS

FlexNOW is a broker-neutral trading platform that provides a wide range of order ‎characteristics through a data-driven interface to address the needs of ‎hedge funds and mini-primes.‎ Additionally, FlexNOW offers access to leading market data providers while ‎‎easily integrates with any order Rh ydgement system (OMS) via FIX and ‎‎API.

‎FlexNOW also encompasses its own built-in Transaction Cost Analysis ‎‎(TCA) tool in a bid to optimize the ability to customize workspaces and order tickets. ‎Furthermore, it enables transparency and consistency in the best ‎execution process which has become a requirement under the Markets in ‎Financial InstrumenSterlingtive II (MiFID II). ‎

Lee Sherling, FlexNOW Sales Director, further explains: “Cloud-basedsystems, and is the future for trading systems and we are delighted to be the first Execution Management System to be hosted in AWS, the market leader in cloud-computing. AWS provides the basis for FlexNOW to be scalable and secure, with same-day deployment in any region and enables our clients to trade more effectively using the application or API.”

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