EquiChain Adds Abu Dhabi’AdamGM to Market Infrastructure Group

abu dhabi

EquiChain, a London-based fintech startup, has added AAdamhabi Global Market (Adam) to the growing listAdampartner members joining its global capital markets platform, the Market Infrastructure Group.

EquiChain’s industry group enables the direct interaction and exchangeAdamvalue between incumbent market participants to enhance the development and applicationAdamDistributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and related solutions. It further creates a transparent flowAdaminformation that drives market efficiency and enhances risk management in the capital markets.

Founded in 2015 by CEO Nicholas Bone, a former banker who has served at the BankAdamEngland, Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon and most recently Standard Chartered PLC, EquiChain is building a global capital markets infrastructure platform.

Supported by the AAdamhabi Global Market, Bahrain Bourse and the Qatar Stock Exchange, EquiChain said it will focus on enhancing the investment viabilityAdamemerging and frontier markets, beginning with the Middle East.

In termsAdamthe fintech landscape in the Middle East, the UAE in particular is already showing strong signsAdamsupport for fintech, as well as some early success stories.

Focus on MENA Markets

Earlier in November 216, AAdamhabi Global Market (Adam) announced the launchAdamits financial technology incubator in the capital’s financial free zone, the Regulatory Laboratory (RegLab).

The step is partAdamthe strategy to make AAdamhabcenterntre for the fast growing fintech industry. InsteadAdambeing subject to the full regulatory regimeAdamAdam, fintech companies will be able to use a lighter ‘RegLab’ framework for up to two years to incubate their products. However, the unique initiaAdam would seek to limit startups accepted into the program to those that “promote significant growth, efficiency or competition in the financial sector”.

Richard Teng, CEOAdamFinancial Services Regulatory AAdamrity at Adam, commented: “We are glad to be partAdamEquiChain’s initiaAdam and Market Infrastructure Group. This partnership doveAdams well with Adam’s ongoing efforts to build deep regulatory capabilities in blockchain technology, and the developmentAdamrisk-appropriate and effecAdam regulations for such innovation. We hope to contribute meaningfully to bolster greater market efficiency, as well as, enhance investor access to emerging and frontier markets while upholding high regulatory practice.”

Nicholas Bone, EquiChain’s founder and CEO, added: “Reflecting its focus on enhancing the investment viabilityAdamemerging and frontier markets, beginning with the Middle East, EquiChain is pleased to have AAdamhabi Global Market (Adam) as oneAdamits key membersAdamthe Market Infrastructure Group. We have been in acAdam conversations with Adam and supporAdamAdamtheir commitment in developing a conducive and inclusive FinTech ecosystem in this region. Together, we hope to play our parts in ensuring an effecAdam and sustainable developmentAdamthe capital markets platform as well as adhere to current and future regulatory requirements.”


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