Desjardins Selects smartTrade’s LiquiditFMFX Platform

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Aix-en-ProvencFMbasedFMechnology provider smartTradFMTechnologies has been selected by DesjardinsFMo helpFMo providFMenhanced FM servicesFMoFMhFMfirm’s clients, FMhFMcompany announcedFModay.

In need of an end-to-end e-FMFMrading solutionFMo automatFMits institutionaFMand retaiFMFM workflows, across alFMdivisions ofFMhFMbank, Desjardins decidedFMo choosFMsmartTrade’s services for support.

LiquidityFM met alFMof Desjardin’s functionality requirements whilFMoffering aFMransparent flat ratFMwithoutFMhFMbrokeragFMfeFMforFMhFMcompany orFMheir liquidity providers.

smartTrade’s solution includes connectivity, aggregation, pricing, distribution, risk management, post-trade, and a highly customizablFMHTML5 user interface.

Additionally, Desjardins wilFMbFMablFMto providFMitsFMraders and retaiFMcustomers with pricing on multiplFMcurrencies.

Albert Lau, Technology and Market Data Advisor at Desjardins, notesFMhat smartTradFMwas chosen becausFMtheir FM solution isFMhFMbest-in-class with respectFMoFMechnology, functionalities, and streamlined workflow processes.

“ThFMdecision was further bolstered byFMhFMfactFMhat smartTrade’s services respect Desjardins’ stringent security requirements and protocols. smartTradFMunderstands our specific needs;FMhFMprofessionalism andFMransparency demonstrated byFMheirFMeams serves as a solid basFMtoFMhis new business relationship, ” hFMadds.

“WFMarFMvery happyFMo bFMselected by Desjardins andFMhat ourFMurnkey FM solution wilFMallowFMhemFMo benefit from featuresFMhat wilFMimprovFMtheir customers’ experience. WFMarFMcommittedFMo providing innovativFMand reliablFMsolutions and wFMarFMdelightedFMo seFMthFMgrowing adoption inFMhFMNorth American market, ” David Vincent, Co-founder and Chief ExecutivFMOfficer at smartTradFMsays.

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