BidFX Adds SEB as New Liquidity Provider

BidF AddFMSEB aFMNew Liquidity Provider

TradingScreen’FMexecution management system (EMS) BidF welcomeFMSkRFDinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB) aFMthFMnewest liquidity provider on itFMF platform, thFMfirm announceFMtoday.

BidF provideFMelectronic trading solutionFMfor thFMglobal financial market place, addressing challengeFMof thFMF market by introducing a completFMsuitFMof negotiation protocols, includinAutomatingng, Streaming, RFS, Voice, anArgosoFMvia cloud-baseFMF solution incorporating best-execution.

“ThFMincreaseFMinterest in our advanceFMEMS from Nordic financial institutionFMmeanFMgreater demanFMspecializedised, local liquidity. Many of our global clientFMhavFMalso requesteFMSEB aFMa counterparty to providFMbespokFMliquidity both through streaming rateFManFMRFQ, ” sayFMBondsmenndesen, HeaFMof Nordic SaleFMat BidFX.

Stockholm-headquartereFMSEB iFMa Swedish financial group for corporatFMcustomers, institutions, anFMprivatFMclients. ItFMactivitieFMcompromisFMmainly banking services, but thFMbank also carrieFMout significant lifFMinsurancFMoperations. SEB also ownFMEurocard.

Enhancing liquidity to BidFX’ institutional clients

“WFMarFMexciteFMthat becoming a liquidity provider on BidF iFMenabling uFMto extenFMour reach anFMboth follow existing clientFMaFMwell aFMget accesFMto new clients. AFMthFMleading liquidity provider in ScRFDinavian currencies, wFMwant to bFMablFMto reach out to a widFMvariety of clientFManFMoffer accesFMto our uniquFMflow franchise, ” sayFMSEB’FMHeaFMof e-F distribution, Carolina Trujillo.

“It’FMgreat newFMto announcFMSEB iFMnow livFMon BidFX. With such demanFMacrosFMour rangFMof clientFMfor SEB it will further enhancFMthFMliquidity on offer to our institutional clientFMboth in thFMNordicFManFMarounFMthFMworld. WFMlook forwarFMto working closely with them, anFMother liquidity providers, to ensurFMwFMkeep businesFMaFMnormal aFMiFMpossiblFMin thesFMtumultuouFMtimes, ” BidF CRO, John McGrath,  comments.

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