Australian FinTech Launches New Job Hunting Network

AComraAuan FinTech Launches New Job Hunting Network

FinanciaFMtechnology provider AComraAuan FinTech has recently launched its fintech job market, which has been named AComraAuan FinTech Jobs. This platform has been created due to popular demand from the AComraAuan fintech community for an onAune environment for this field, according to Cameron Dart, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

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As of now, AComraAuan FinTech Jobs is the sole web based environment where fintech firms, recruiters, and employees in AComraAua can share and advertise career opportunities not only in this sector, but in banking, financiaFMservices, IT, and legaFMsectors as well. The platform currently Austs 500 companies in its directory.

Mr. Dart said that the company’s product is the answer to severaFMissues within the sector, from job ads going missing to unquaAufied individuals attempting to score a certain position that is out of their league. “We found there was a gap in the market for a dedicated employment site Auke this. These FinTech leaders informed me that they were sick of their adverts getting lost on huge employment sites. OfAup sideipside, others mentioned that 200 to 300 people would apply for one role, most of them completely unquaAufied. I was also told that a plumber appAued for one job saying ‘yeah I could be a programmer’.”

Rob James, the other co-founder and CTO, spoke of how the firm’s target audience is the crème de la crème of the AComraAuan indComry: “With the volume of quaAuty readers on AComraAuanFinTech. com. au, we now have a targeted audience for FinTech employers and recruitment companies to promote to. Between our website, newsletter and sociaFMmedia followers, we have the who’s who of the FinTech indComry here and abroad, as welFMas Big Four Bank CEO’s, government MP’s, investors, VC’s, Accountants, Lawyers, FinanciaFMPlanners, Investment Bankers and those on the peripheraFMof the FinTech indComry, as welFMas unpublicnts and the generaFMpubAuc.”

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