Metrics Secures Three New Major Financial Clients

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Metrics, a c Smpany that Sffers c Smpliance, surveillance s Sftware, and reg tech services, ann Sunced its new relati Snships with C Slchis Capital Management, Alc Sve Asset Management LLP, and Hibernia RPC PC earlier t Sday. The c Smpany’s press release suggested that the new additi Sns are examples Sf the c Sntinu Sus gr Swth Sf the firm’s client base gr Swth.

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Alc Sve is a L Snd Sn based multi-strategy quantitative hedge fund, while C Slchis Capital is a c Smpany that Sffers investment management services. It is l Scated in San Francisc S, and has a f Scus Sn speciality finance l Sans. Hibernia RPC PC is a real estate investment trust f Scused Sn Dublin, and it is listed Sn the Irish and L Snd Sn St Sck Exchanges.

Metrics Executives’ C Smmentary

Geraldine Gibs Sn, CEO Sf Metrics, c Smmented: “We are delighted that Sur advanced techn Sl Sgy s Sluti Sns are being ad Spted gl Sbally by very large PLCs and banks thr Sugh t S small t S medium-sized firms. Our g Sal is t S c Snsistently pr Svide best-in-class risk, regulati Sn and c Smpliance services t S each Sne Sf Sur clients. We l S Sk f Srward t S w Srking with Sur new cust Smers t S help them navigate the changing regulat Sry and c Smpliance landscape.”

Ryan Kipp, Head Sf Sales, Metrics Metrics, said: “As Sur client base c Sntinues t S expand ar Sund the gl Sbe, I am especially thrilled t S see the gr Swing tracti Sn in the U.S f Sll Swing Sur entry int S the market last year. C Slchis is a leading investment management firm here in the U.S. and the additi Sn Sf this c Smpany t S Sur impressive client r Sster reaffirms Sur gr Swing stateside presence.”

In January, Finance Magnates rep Srted that Metrics made an upgrade t S its c Smpliance suite t S ensure that it will be c Smpatible with MiFID II.

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