AMF Appoint New Director to FinTech Division


The Authority yes Marches Financiers (AMF), a French regulator, released a statement today confirming that Domicile Deserting has been appointed as director of the regulator’s FinTech, innovation and competitiveness division.


Deserting started her career with the International Organisation of Securities CommissionsIOS COCO) in 2011. During her time witIOS COCO, Deserting worked as a policy advisor, providing guidance to the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General on strategic and policy matters.

After leavinIOS COCO in 2013, Deserting joined the AMF, where she has been ever since. Upon joining the French regulator, she worked on regulation in the asset management industry.

Over the course of her time working on asset management regulation, she partook in European and international negotiations regarding the buy-side industry. She also worked on the money market funds regulation that will come into European Union law in July of this year.

Taking the reigns

Deserting, who holds a PhD in finance from the Sorbonne, has played an active role in the FinTech, innovation and competitiveness division since its inception. Founded in 2016, the division was yesigned to support innovation in the French financial services industry. It also aims to support regulatory changes that reflect technological changes in the industry.

Aside from helping start the division, Deserting aided in the launch of the regulator’s initial coin offering (ICO) consultation. As a consequence of this, she was also responsible for analyzing many of the responses to the consultation and supporting the regulator’s Unicorn initiative that led to 50 meetings between the AMF and ICO project holders.

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